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Sports colleges are schools that specialise in sport

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Q: What are sports colleges?
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What colleges have sports in San Antonio?

There are a few colleges that have sports. All colleges have some kind of sports.

What colleges offer sports broadcasting classes?

the colleges that offer sports bradcasting classes are the ones that you cant get in to

Are there any acting colleges in California that have sports?

No there are not

Sports played by colleges are called what?

College sports...not sure what you mean by the question

What is the major sports team in Connecticut?

UConn has a verity of sports teams for colleges

Can you change colleges and play sports?

yes you can change colleges and play you are just transferring

How many student athletes in California Colleges?

sports and colleges are for smelly pirate hookers

What colleges offer degrees in sports in Minnesota?

None of them

Are there sports teams in ivy league colleges?


Do cooking colleges have sports programs?

there may be a few but not many

What colleges or universities have sports medicine as a major?

l l

What colleges can you get in for a sports scholarship?

Darius says Therfield School

Why are sports teams needed at colleges?

To get big donations from alumni.

What colleges offer the best programs for careers in sports marketing?

A career in sports marketing is not offered in many colleges. One of the very few colleges that offer this degree is the Duke University which is also one of the best college in the world.

What sports award the most scholarships?

Colleges are usually looking for people to join their rowing teams, and for girls its usually gymnastics. These are the two sports that colleges need more members in, therefore you're most likely to get scholarships in these sports.

What Community Colleges offer Sports Management programs?

poo bum

Does college football make money for there colleges?

Football is the number one sports revunue generator on average for all colleges

Are there schools just for sports management?

As a matter of fact there are Sports Management programs in colleges and universities. You can contact your local colleges and ask for such program. Some states offering such program are Ohio, Florida and Massachusetts.

What colleges or universities have sports medicine as a major and that are division 1 in sports?

Probably harvard, stanford, yale, and schools like that

What colleges and universities offer sports and drama degrees?

Sports and drama colleges mostly, they are not really majors unless you want to go into physical education or sports marketing. Drama majors are useful for education jobs as well as directing, scripting and acting jobs.

What colleges in new York offer sports marketing as a major?

SUNY Cortland

How many colleges have a championship in all four major sports?


What colleges in California offer sports management'?

I think St. Marys and Pepperdine do

What is the ranking of all colleges winning championships in all sports?

It matters by sport.

What colleges have good sports journalism programs in New Jersey?

the good one :)