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The answer o this question is his name...R.K.O stand for Randall Keith Orton

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Addie Douglas

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โˆ™ 2021-07-27 18:15:43
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Q: What is the meaning of randy orton's rko?
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What is Randy ortons finisher move?


How do you do randy ortons rko in wrestlefest?

you have to learn

What is the name of WWE randy ortons finishing move?


What does Randy Ortons finisher RKO stand for?

Randal Keith Orton.

What dose randy ortons rko stand for?

Randal Keith Orton

In WWE what does RKO stand for?

its randy ortons innitials... Randal Keith Orton!

What does Randy Ortons RKO stand for?

RKO stands for Randy Killer Orton

Who sings randy ortons theme tune?

Mercy Drive sings RKO's lyrics. The song is called "Burn in my Light".

What does randy ortons rko mean?

I think that randy's rko stands for Randy's Knock out RKO stands for Randy Orton's full name: R- Randal or Randy K- Keith O- Orton or... Randy's Knock Out just a thought mates....

What is randy ortons wife name?

Randy Ortons wife is named Samantha Speno!

What is full meaning of rko?

it really means ''randy Keith ortan''

What is randy ortons theme song called?

Randy ortons theme song is called voices

Randy ortons theme song called?

randy ortons song is called voices in my head

What does Randy Orton's RKO mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What does randy orton's finisher RKO stand for?

The "K" in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name which is Keith. RKO could also mean randy knock out but i am not so sure about his.

Who won WWE 2009 royal rumble?

randy orton of course go rko rko rko rko luv rko

How old is randy ortons daughter?

randy ortons daughter is born on the 12 of July 2008 so she is 1 and a half XD

Whats randy ortons name?

Randy Keith Orton

Who sings Randy Ortons entrance theme song?

Randy Ortons theme song is titled " Voices " By: Rev Theory

What Does RKO stand for?

In Wrestling RKO stands for RANDY KEITH ORTON :)

What does the finisher RKO mean in WWE?

RKO is a simple abbreviation for Randy Orton's initials being Randy Keith Orton

What does randy orton mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What is randy ortons age?

He is 31

Where is randy ortons state?


Is randy ortons mom dead?

No she is not