Whats randy ortons name

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Randy Keith Orton

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Q: Whats randy ortons name
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What is randy ortons twitter name?

His twitter name is also Randy Orton

Who is WWE superstar randy ortons real name?

Randy Orton is his real name

What is randy ortons wife name?

His wife's name is Samatha Speno.

Name of randy ortons wife?

Samantha Speno/Orton

What is the name of WWE randy ortons theme song?


What is randy ortons sons name?

He does not have a son only a daughter.

What is randy ortons brothers name?

Nathan (Nate) Orton

What is the name of WWE randy ortons finishing move?


What is WWE's randy ortons' middle name?

His name is Randal Keith Orton

What is WWE randy ortons full name?

Randall Keith Orton

What is the name of the artist that does Randy Ortons enterence song?

rev threoy

What is randy ortons parents name?

His Father's Name Is Robert Keith Orton And His Mothers Name his Elaine.