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a volley ball court is rectangular, so the RB (right back) is at the end line on the right side of the court

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Q: What is the meaning of a right back player in volleyball?
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What is the name of a right back player in volleyball?

they are called the lebro

What are the player positions in volleyball?

There are six positions on a volleyball team: Front left, front middle, front right (setter), Back left, back middle, back right.

What position is always the server in volleyball?

The server is always the player who is in the right-back position on the court.

What does a back player do in volleyball?


Where does a middle back volleyball player go after serving?

Middle back because that is your home/base. But in the next rotation you will be receiving in right back.

What position does a volleyball player serve?

The server is in position 1, or right back, if you are on the court looking at the net.

Where are the player positions on a volleyball court?

the positions on a volley ball court:NET------------------------------------------------------- left front middle front right front - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- left back middle back right back - -------------------------------------------------------

What is a back line player in volleyball?

Usually a player who's position is at the back line.

What are all the 7 positions called in volleyball?

There are only 6 positions in volleyball : Right-Front Left-Front Middle-Back Left-Back Right-Back Setter

Where does a volleyball player surf from?

the back line C:

What does a left back do in volleyball?

They serve the volleyball no they dont serve the volleyball, that is back right? server is always on the right. if you have troubles with your left and your right, try using your fingers. the shape that makes a perfect L is the left. be smart, becasue that answer wasnt.

What are the names of each player at volleyball court?

P1 > Right BackP2 > Right FrontP3 > Middle FrontP4 > Left FrontP5 > Left BackP6 > Middle Back

Is the person in the volleyball server position considered a back or front row player?

a server is a back row player

What are the position names for volleyball?

The front right, front middle, front left, back left, back middle, back right

In volleyball what direction does the back row rotate?

in volleyball the back row rotates right to left, or clockwise, while the front row rotates right to left, or counterclockwise. if ur right front, u move to right back, and if ur left back, u move to left front.

What are the roles in volleyball?

Outside, middle front, right, setter, middle back, back ouside.

What does out of rotation in volleyball mean?

Out of Rotation is a positional fault, meaning that at the moment the serve is completed, the front row player must have some part of their foot closer to the centre line then they're corresponding back row player. Likewise, the right side player must also have some part of the foot closer to the right sideline then the person in the middle and the same with the left side player.

What is back line in volleyball?

The back line is the line going left to right (the length). It is also known as the second 10 foot line.

What is 6 man volleyball?

i am pretty sure 6 man volleyball is what i play. if it is, it just means u have 6 people on the court: left front, middle front, right front, left back, middle back, and right back.

What direction do you rotate in volleyball?

if you are in the back, left if you are in the front, right and if you are on the right in the front you go back to serve and if you in the bac to the left you go forward

Why does a volleyball team have a player from the other team?

I play volleyball and volleyball does not have a player from another team. What you are referring to may be the libero. The libero is a player that wears a jersey different from the ones that the rest of the team wears. They wear it to show that they can substitute in for any player in the back row of the court at anytime.

How do you determine who serves in volleyball?

well you rotate positions.. but its always the person in the back row to the far right right

What are the players in the back row of volleyball?


What is the name of the volleyball player who can sub at any time?

The libero may replace a back row player at any time.

What is the name of the back row only player added to volleyball a few years ago?

the libero