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As a left back Ashley cole, or Rio Ferdinand.

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Q: The best soccer Defender in the primier league?
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Who was the best defender in soccer?

The best defender in soccer is Puyol who plays for Barcelona F.C. and as well as Spain with David Villa

Who is best soccer defender?

The best Soccer Defender and Goalie is:The best defender is Puyol, and the best keeper is Casillas.My opinion of the best defender is Ashley Cole, and the best keeper is Peter Cech.They both play for Chelsea FC.

Who is the best defender in soccer history?


Who is the best soccer defender?

Neelanjan LakshmanPique

Best soccer defender?

Today it is the Brazilian Danny Alaves.

Who is presently the best defender in soccer?

Marcelo Bordon- Shalke 04

Who is The Best Defender in the Premier League?

Rio Ferdinand

What is the best run soccer league in Africa?

South africa's premier soccer league

Which soccer league is the best?

the top league is the English league

Who is the best defender in the premier league 2011?

nemanja vidic

Who is the best club in football?

Manchester United! Not Liverpool or Chelsea or any of the other teams in the Primier League. Man U is the best club in the world ever, and second is Ebbsfleet and the best country is India!!

What is the best position in soccer?

Midfielder is the best postition, followed by striker, defender, goalkeeper, sup. Soccer is the best sport in the world. I love you Soccer rox LOL

Who is the worlds best defender in soccer?

Either Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United) or Carles Puyol (Barcelona).

Who is the best soccer goalie in the Mexican league?

ochoa is the best

What is the best soccer shoe for a defender in soccer?

If you have a very thin set foot then nikes are pretty durable for a defender. but through the years pumas have worked well for me getting a good number of seasons out of them. so good luck with shoe shopping. (insert smiley face here)

Who won the best defender in 2008 uefa Champions League?

It is carles Puyol of Barcelona and Spain.

What is the best Soccer Team in New Zealand?

New Zealand does not have an organised official soccer league.

What is the best soccer cleat for a defender?

Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator X, Nike Mercurial Vapor 5

Who is the best soccer in the Croatia first league?

davor suker

What is the best soccer ball ever?

Champions League ball

What soccer team is the best in the premier league?

tottenham spurs!

How can I make a professional soccer league?

The question is not how, but why. You'd be better off just starting your own team. The American soccer pyramid is already set according to the US Soccer Federation, and that's the body you get into FIFA through. MLS is Division 1, the North American Soccer League is division 2, and United Soccer Leagues USLpro is Division 3. Everything else is going to be amateur soccer at best. United Soccer League operates a number of amateur divisions , a women's league and youth developmental soccer. That's probably your best bet.

Who is the best soccer player in Mexican league?

Manuel Guerrero Venegas

What is the best soccer team in the british premier league?

Glasgow Rangers

What is The Best Soccer Defence man?

Gerard Pique is considered the best defender in the world, also Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol, Nemanja Vidic, John Terry, and and Rafael Marquez.