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Q: What is the major sport played in norway?
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Related questions

What sport is played in Norway?

Football Curling

What major sport is played in soldier field?

The major sport played in soldier field is soccer. Also, pro lacrosse has been played there recently.

What major sports are played in Madagascar?

the major sport played in Madagascar is football

What is the major sport played in France?

Soccer is the natinal sport of France

Where in the world is the sport gymnastics played?

it is played all over the world at the summer olimpices it is a major sport

What are the major sports played in Iran?

Soccer is the major sport they play in Iran

What major sport is played at Augusta National?


What is the major most played sport in latin America?


What major sport is played at Belmont Park?

Horse racing

What was the most major sport played in 1969?

Football (Soccer)

Who is the goalie for Norway?

in what sport?

What sports did women play in 1940s?

baseball was the major sport played

What major sport's are played in Angola?

Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Handball

How many major league baseball players played for Norway high school?

If you're talking about the one in Norway, Iowa, two: Bruce Kimm and Mike Boddicker.

What is Norway's national sport?


Why does Norway like that sport?


What is a major league sport in Hawaii?

Football is the major league sport in Hawaii. Yearly, football fans get their fill of the gridiron. Since 1982, major college football season game played on Christmas day.

What sports are played the most in Norway?

Football (soccer) is definitely the most famous summer sport in Norway. There are several popular winter sports, but Norwegians are very good in cross country skiing, and that's a popular sport in Norway. We're one of the best winter sports nations in the world in sports such as ski jumping, biathlon and cross country. But to answer your question I have to say soccer.

What sport was banned in Norway from 1978 - 1987?

it was skateboarding. norway banned skateboarding at this time

What do kids in Norway do for fun?

In Norway it's very popular to go skiing in the summer, even kids go skiing! Outside activities are played in summer and winter. Today skiing is Norway's national sport, don't you find that interesting? hmmmm i THINK i do, but that's what kids in Norway do most of their time. Did you know that Norway is one of the largest coffee consumers today?

When did basketball become a major sport?

on january18,1896 when the first game of basketball was played

How many MLB played for the Norway tigers?

Norway, the town too small to keep a high school, has sent three players to the major leagues and several to the minor leagues.

Which was extreme sport banned in Norway from 1978 to 1987?

Skateboarding was banned in norway.Skateboarding was banned in norway.

Do they play korfball in Norway?

No. Korfball is a Dutch sport. I don't think that korfball is popular in Norway

What is the most popular recreational sport in Norway?

They have the same sport as Wales. Sheep shagging