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The main job of the forward is to drive the counter-attack (with the support of midfielders) and usually to adopt an offensive role, particularly through the scoring of goals.

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Q: What is the main job of the forward in soccer?
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What does the position forward in soccer do?

Forward's main job is to score goals. They stay in the oppositions half and rarely defend

What does a forward do in soccer?

The job of a forward is to score goals.

What is the job of a soccer forward?


Who is the offensive player whose main job is to score in soccer?

Usually, the player who specializes in goal-scoring is called the Striker or Forward.

What are the main positions in children soccer?

the main positions in child soccer is goalie forward mid fielder and defender

What is the job of the forward position in soccer?

To score on the goal. To prevent the advance of the defense.

What a forwards do in soccer?

the main role as a forward,attacker or striker is to score goals

What are the 4 main positions played during a soccer game?

Goalie, forward, fullback, midfielder

What do you call the main goal scorer in soccer?

The main goal scorer is the 'striker' for a team. He is followed by a centre forward and assisted by wingers from the sides. These are the differences for the forward line, hope it helps

How much does a forward run in a soccer game?


What does a forward player do in soccer?

Forward score goals

What does the position of forward do in a soccer team?

When playing the forward position on a soccer team, your main objective is to get the soccer ball into the other teams goal. This is done by finding a way through the opposing team's defence and kicking the ball either directly into the goal or by passing to another player to score.

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