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George Mason was the 11th seed in 2006 and made it all the way to the Final Four. I don't know if that's the lowest seeded team to make it to the Elite Eight or Final Four though.

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Q: What is the lowest seeded team to ever make it to the elite eight of the NCAA tournament?
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What is the name for the fourth round in the March Madness tournament?

The Elite Eight.

Who is lowest seed to make elite eight in NCAA?


In the NCAA tournament has a 13 seed ever made the Elite 8?

No. The lowest seed to reach the Elite 8 was #12 Missouri in 2002.

What is the lowest seed to make it to the elite eight?

#12 Missouri in 2002

The Boilermakers reached the 2000 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight round by defeating what team in the sweet sixteen?


What are the Sweet Sixteen in March Madness?

The sixteen teams left in the tournament. Followed by the elite eight, final four and championship.

In the 1987 NCAA tournament which team did the Hoosiers beat in the Elite Eight to go to the final four?

yes they did it was a great time

Has Ohio University ever won the NCAA basketball tournament?

No they have not. The closest they've ever gotten to winning it all was in 1964 when they made it to the Elite Eight.

How many times has the Texas Longhorns basketball team been in the national tournament?

Texas Longhorns Men's Basketball28 NCAA Tournament Appearances 13 Sweet Sixteen Appearances7 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances0 National Championship AppearancesTexas Longhorns Women's Basketball23 NCAA Tournament Appearances 12 Sweet Sixteen Appearances8 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances1 National Championship Appearance (won, 1985-1986 season)

After an elite eight game what 2009 msu spartan player was awarded the most outstanding player title on the Midwest regional all-tournament team?

Goran Suton

In the 1987 NCAA tournament which team did the the Hoosiers beat in the Elite Eight to go to the Final Four?

The Hoosiers beat LSU, 77-76 to advance to the 1987 Final Four.

What are the final four rounds called?

The last four rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament are nicknamed as follows: National Championship Final Four Elite Eight Sweet Sixteen

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