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I don't know but my coach can throw it a little bit short the length of two fields.

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Q: What is the longest throw for a lacrosse ball?
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Is it legal to throw a ball over the defenders head in Lacrosse?

Yes it is legal to throw a ball over the defenders head

What name is given to the implement used in the game of lacrosse to throw pass and catch the ball?

a lacrosse stick

Do you play lacrosse alone?

No Lacrosse is a team sport, But you can throw a ball against a wall by yourself and then you would be alon

What is the purpse of lacrosse?

The use the stick with net attached and throw the ball in the goal with it

What sport do you use a wooden like curved thing to catch and throw a ball with?


Which ball will bounce higher lacrosse ball or tennis ball?

lacrosse ball

Is a ball used in lacrosse?

yes in lacrosse there is a ball used

What are the pros and cons of a lacrosse goalie stick?

a pro is that you can stop the ball and through far a con is that you can't throw accurate

How do you play division 2 lacrosse?

With a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball

How do you do good in tryouts for lacrosse to make the team and What strategies could I use?

Practice, practice, practice. And lots of "wall ball". Just stand there and throw the ball up against a wall, catch it and throw it again. Continue this for as long as you want.

What is the longest active free throw streak in college basket ball?

68 minutes and 42 seconds.

Is a lacrosse ball bigger than a cricket ball?

No, a cricket ball is much larger than a golf ball.