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i think its the 1500m but im not 100% sure

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โˆ™ 2010-08-01 08:12:39
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Q: What is the longest running race in the Olympic Game called?
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What is the second-longest running game show in history?

The second-longest running game show in television history is To Tell the Truth. It debuted in 1956, the same year The Price is Right (the longest running game show in television history) debuted.

What is the longest running game series?

Space invaders, made in 1978

Which game is easy in olympic games?

To me is running,throwing the hardest is swimming and gymnasticts

Who was longest running game show host?

Bob Barker

What is the game called with a boy running on the road?


What is the olympic game that has 5 parts called?


What are the events in the first game Olympic?

it was called stade

What is currently the UK longest continuous running game show?

Strictly come dancing

What is currently the UK's longest continuous running game show?

Strictly come dancing

Bo Jackson longest running plays did he have two long runs in one game?


What is the longest running syndicated game show?

Wheel of Fortune (U.S.A.) debuted in September 1983.

What was the first Olympic game held in United Kingdom?

in 1909 first olympic game held in united kingdom is called summer olympics.

Why is Bob Barker famous?

He is the host of "The Price is Right," the longest running game show in television history.

Is badminton a Olympic game?

Yes,badminton is an olympic game.

Why is one Olympic game called a decathlon?

Ten events make up the decathlon.

The tenth Olympic Game was held in...?

the answer to the tenth Olympic game is los Angele's

Did Australian became first on Olympic game?

No, Greece did on 2004 Olympic game

What was the name of the first olympic game in 776 bc?

The ancient olympic game.

How did the Olympic games spread Greek ideas?

olympic game is the shait of the game

What is the password to the Olympic race for the typing game typing Olympic?


Is there a game called Discus in the Olympics?

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

What is the longest running radio quiz show?

Hooked on Trivia: The Radio Game Show claims to be "the world's longest running radio quiz show" but doesn't give any dates. but Simply Trivia on WYSO claims to be the "longest continuously running call-in trivia radio show in the U.S. - about 25 years. " As of Jan 09, they are in their 26 year. See

Is snowmobiling an Olympic sport?

no, its a winter olympic game

How long did the longest monopoly game in history last?

The longest Monopoly game lasted for 70 days straight. Other fun facts: The longest underwater game of monopoly lasted 45 days, longest game in a bathtub was 99 hours, longest game in a treehouse was 286 hours, longest game underground was 100 hours, and the longest one upside-down was 36 hours.

Longest Soccer Game ever?

longest soccer game ever was 68 hours