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The longest streak is held by the University of North Carolina with 27 straight appearances in the NCAA tourney from 1975 (the first year that competition allowed more than one team from a conference to get a guaranteed bid) to 2001-the longest such streak in tournament history.

Other streaks including the 2010 NCAA tournament, are Kansas (21)*, Duke (15), Michigan State (13), Gonzaga (12) Texas (12) Wisconsin (12), Pittsburgh (9).

*Kansas missed the tournament in 1989 due to NCAA probation but have not missed the tournament in a normal season since 1983.

Arizona has the second longest streak at 25 until 2010 when they failed to make the tournament.

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#1. Michigan on Jan. 1st 2008 appeared in their 33rd consecutive bowl game.

#2. Florida State last missed a bowl game in the 1981 season.

#3. Florida last missed a bowl game in the 1990 season.

#4. Virginia Tech last missed a bowl game in the 1992 season.

Edit: Michigan failed to make a bowl game in the 2008 season after posting 3 total wins. The current active bowl streak is: 1. Florida State 2. Florida 3. Virginia Tech

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Florida state---26


Virginia tech--15



Georgia tech--11


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Auburn, Rutgers and Mississippi State are tied at 5.

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Q: What is the longest current bowl win streak?
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If your talking about there losing streak in the Hawaii bowl, they don't have one but they do have 1 win in the bowl(only) in 2009

What is the redskins longest win streak?

The Washington Redskins' longest win streak is 10 games, which they achieved in the 1991 season. They went on to win the Super Bowl that year, beating the Buffalo Bills.

What college football team has the second longest current win streak?


How many ten win seasons Texas has?

22 seasons and the current longest streak.

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uconn womens team had a 87 game win streak

What football team has the longest losing streak in bowl games in history?

Notre Dame does with 9. The streak came to an end with a win over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl on December 24, 2008.

What division 1 men's college basketball team has the longest current winning streak?

The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) has a current win streak of 88 games. However,on December 21,2010 , The University of Connecticut women's basketball,with an 88 game win streak, team beat Florida State University to get the record of the longest Division 1 win streak,89 games.

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