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The average life of a driver is approx 3000-5000 hits before it loses its resiliency.

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Q: What is the life a golf driver how many hits?
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What is the thing you play golf with?

It's a golf club and there are many different kinds for different hits.

Where can one buy a titleist driver?

A Titleist Driver can be purchased at many golf stores. Here are some of those stores 3 balls, Golf Galaxy, global Golf, PGA Tour Shop, Golf Locker, Amazon, Ebay, 2nd Swing, and Fairway Golf USA.

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you will need two golf carts if one golf cart runs out of battry life but one golf cart is fine.

Does the person with the highest score wins in golf?

No, usually the person with the lowest score wins golf. The score counts how many hits you take to get the golf ball into the goal, and it is better to take fewer strokes.

How many golf clubs are you required to carry?

There's no 'hard and fast' 'rule. A 'typical' set of golf clubs comprises... A driver, one or two woods, various irons, a sand wedge and a putter.

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The longest club (the driver) can be 4 meters and the shortest (the putter) would be just under 3 meters. Golf clubs are usually measured in inches, they range from 48" to 33".

How many hits will a golf ball take?

Close to 250-300 if it doesn't hit a cart path or tree or something

How many penaltie strokes do you get in golf if flag stick is unattended?

If you put and your ball hits the flag you get 2 penalty strokes.

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