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There have been 27 sanctioned 900 series with the United States Bowling Congress as of February 25th, 2015.

The most recent was rolled by Hakim Emmanuel of Brockton, MA on Feb 25, 2015.

The first was rolled by Jeremy Sonnenfeld of Lincoln, Neb. on Feb. 2, 1997. Robert Mushtare of Fort Drum, N.Y. has rolled two 900 series: Dec. 5, 2005, and Feb. 19, 2006.

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Q: What is the latest 900 series in bowling?
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What is a bowling series?

total pinfall of three games of bowling (max: 900)

How many 900 series in bowling?

As of February 25th, 2015, there are currently 27 recognized 900 series bowled in sanctioned leagues from the United States Bowling Congress.

What is the highest you can get in a 3 game bowling series?

900 is a perfect series in tenpin bowlling.

What is a series in bowling?

It is the total pinfall of three games of bowling The maximum you can get is 900 (300 each game)

How many sanctioned 900 series?

As of Feb 25th, 2015, there are 27 sanctioned 900 series from the United States Bowling Congress.

What is the highest possible series in bowling?

The highest possible 3 game series is 900. As of today, December 6, 2009, there have been 15 sanctioned 900 series with an additional unsanctioned 900 series.

What is the highest score can you get in bowling?

For American 10 pin bowling, 300 is a perfect game and 900 is a perfect 3 game series.

What you win if you bowl a 900 series?

The USBC awards a ring for those who bowl a sanctioned 900 series in a United States Bowling Congress certified league.

Who got the first 900 in bowling?

Glen Allison got the first 900 in bowling on record the record is foun dat the la habra 300 bowling ally Glen is called Mr. 900.

How many 900 series have been bowled since July 25 2006?

As of March 27, 2015, there have been 16 sanctioned 900 series in a certified United States Bowling Congress event since July 25th, 2006.

What is a high series in bowling?

In typical league bowling, a series is three games. Bowling an 800 series is considered to be an achievement about four times more difficult than bowling a 300 (perfect) game. Every time a bowler earns an 800 series in league bowling, the score is reviewed and then sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress, and then entered into that bowler's permanent file.

What is a bowling round called?

There is no solid definition for a round of bowling. There is a game of bowling. Three games is referred to as a series. In league bowling, usually that nights "round" of bowling consists of three games per bowler or one series.

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