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Q: Do you win a ring if you win the gator bowl?
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When was Gator Bowl created?

Gator Bowl was created in 1946.

Who won the Gator Bowl in 1988?

LSU won the 1988 Gator Bowl!!!

Do you get a Super Bowl ring every time you win the Super Bowl?

yes you do

Who is the gator bowl home team for 2011?

the gator bowl matches up teams from the big east and acc

When was Gator Football Ring of Honor created?

Gator Football Ring of Honor was created in 2006.

Did Zach thomas win super bowl ring with the patriots?


Did Favre with packers win the Super Bowl ring?


Who won the Gator Bowl in 1977?

Dec. 30, 1977 Gator Bowl - Pittsburgh 34, Clemson 3

Do you have to win the Super Bowl to get a ring?

Yes they do. The loosing team from the Super Bowl receives a Super Bowl ring as well, but it is half the cost of the winning Super Bowl team's Super Bowl ring. Many players choose not to wear those rings, because it symbolizes defeat.

Is the gator bowl changed to outback bowl?

The Gator Bowl is still played under the full name Konica Minolta Gator Bowl after the sponser. The Outback Bowl was called the Hall of Fame Bowl from 1986 until 1994. Outback Steakhouse became the sponser of the game and the name was changed.

Who won the Gator Bowl in 1983?

Univ./Fla. beat Univ./Iowa in the Gator Bowl classic in the 1983 season

Who won gator bowl in 1995?

For the 1995 NCAA football season, the Gator Bowl became a New Year's Day bowl. As such, it was held on January 1, 1996. So, technically there was not a Gator Bowl in 1995. However, the winner of the 1996 Gator Bowl was the Syracuse University Orangemen, who beat the Clemson University Tigers by the score of 41-0.