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They have to be behind the serving line, but they can jump past this line when serving.

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Q: Can the volleyball player serve at any place along the serving line?
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Where does volleyball take place?

in a indoor court or at the beach when playing beach volleyball

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What is sideout scoring?

Side out scoring is a term used in volleyball to state that a point can be earned only by the team that is serving. This rule was in place until 1998 when it switched to rally scoring.

What is ipv?

Ipv is a club volleyball place and Ipv stands for Illinois performance volleyball.

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In volleyball where does the the serve take place from?

Position #1

Can a volleyball timeout take place on the court?

dont no

When did Volleyball take place in the Olympic games?

Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic event since 1964 and beach volleyball was debuted in 1992 and became a event in 1996.

Where place play volleyball in Saint Louis?

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Where does the serve in volleyball take place?

behind the end line

What is an antenna in volleyball?

In volleyball, there is an antenna. It is there to mark the place of the "out of bounds" line on the court. If the ball ever hits the antenna, the ball is "out of bounds".

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