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the job of a catcher in a Baseball game is to catch the ball when the pitcher pitches the ball across the plate.

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Q: What is the job of the catcher on a baseball team?
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Who played the catcher on Charlie Browns baseball team?

The catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team was Schroeder.

In the Peanuts comics who is the catcher on the baseball team?


What year was the catcher's mask invented?

The catcher's mask was invented in the mid 1870s by a player on the Harvard baseball team. Click on the 'Invention of the Catcher's Mask' link on this page to read an article about that Harvard team and the catcher that invented the mask.

Are you allowed to substitute a catcher in baseball when that team is on defense?


What position does Al play on the baseball team she is on in the TV show Step by Step?

In the show Step by Step, Al is the catcher of the baseball team.

What is a battery in baseball terms?

"The battery" refers to a team's pitcher and catcher.

Describe the job of each position on a baseball and softball team?

describe the job of each position on a baseball and soft team

Which baseball team did catcher Joe Girardi begin his Major League career with?

Chicago Cubs

What are the responsibilities of a catcher in a softball?

The catcher has a really important job! the catcher and pitcher are the leaders of the team pretty much! the catcher protects home base almost. if someone is on 3rd and coming home . she has to catch the ball and tag the base and/or the person to make sure she doesnt get a run!.;]

Did catchers wear a mask when baseball first started?

No. The first catcher's mask is credited as having been invented in 1876 by Fred Thayer who modified a fencer's mask for the catcher of the Harvard baseball team. Click on the 'History of the Catcher's Mask' link below to read about the history and see pictures of the early catcher's masks.

A baseball team has 4 pitchers and 2 catchers How many different pitcher-catcher combinations are there?


A baseball team has 2 pitchers and 3 catchers How many different pitcher-catcher combinations are there?


What is the baseball catchers speed up rule?

Catcher's "Speed up Rule": with 2 outs, or an inning about to end, if your catcher for next inning is on base, remove him for a pinch runner and get their Catcher's Gear on before your team goes out to the field defensively.

What is a baseball position with the letter cat in it?

Catcher CATcher catcher catcher

Who are the two people at home plate in baseball?

i believe that the two people at home plate are aptly named the umpire and the catcher. the umpires job is too call the game by either calling a strike, safe, out, ball, or batter walks. the catchers job is to receive the ball from anyone of the players on his/her team and try to get the runner out

How many fielders are on a Major League Baseball team?

There are nine fielders on the field at one time including pitcher and catcher.

Who is the most important player in a baseball team?

the catcher is the most important player i think the pitcher or the whole team all togehter is one important "player"

In baseball does the pitcher follow the instructions of the catcher?

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

Numbers of player in baseball?

The number of players in a baseball game is eighteen, nine per team. For the team not at bat there are right field, left field, center field, infield, pitcher, catcher, first base, second base and third base.

Name something baseball catcher might wear?

Catcher's Mitt Baseball cap Mask

Was Tom Brady drafted by the Montreal Expos?

Brady was a catcher on his high school baseball team and was drafted in the 18th round by the Expos in 1995.

How many batting lineups of the nine players can be made for a baseball team if the catcher bats first the shortstop second and the pitcher last?

does it matter?

What do you call the guy at the back catcher in baseball?

hind catcher. or just catcher.

How do you use the word catcher in a sentence?

The catcher caught the baseball.

I am left handed and my team needs a catcher so should i play catcher for my amateur baseball team?

Left-handed catchers are rare but not unheard of. You'll have to order a glove online because most sporting goods stores only keep right-handed gloves in stock...I'd go for it. You might be great!