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Q: Which baseball team did catcher Joe Girardi begin his Major League career with?
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When did Connie Mack start his career in major league baseball?

Connie Mack began his major league baseball career in 1886. He played the position of catcher for the Washington Nationals.

How many baseball teams did Joe Girardi play for during his career?

Joe Girardi 4 Baseball TeamsJoe Girardi played on 4 Major League teams. Girardi made his Major League debut on April 4, 1989, and played 7 years with the Chicago Cubs from 1989-1992 and returned to play from 2000-2002. He played 3 years with the Colorado Rockies from 1993 - 1995. He was on 3 World Series Championship teams with the New York Yankees playing 4 years from 1996-1999. Girardi finished his career playing 1 year with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2003.

Which Major League Baseball teams did Joe Girardi play for?

During a 14-year playing career, Joe Girardi played for the following Major League Baseball teams:Chicago Cubs (1989 - 1992)Colorado Rockies (1993 - 1995)New York Yankees (1996 - 1999)Chicago Cubs (2000 - 2002)St. Louis Cardinals (2003)

Which major league catcher has the most hits in his batting career?

mike piazza

Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

How many hits did Joe Girardi have in his career?

He had 1,100 hits.

What was Jackie Robinson career?

He was a Major League Baseball player.

Who is John Ramos?

John Joseph Ramos is a former Major League Baseball catcher. He played in 10 career games in 1991 with the Yankees, and had 8 hits in 26 at bats.

Did Jim leland ever play Major League Baseball?

No. Jim Leyland spent 7 seasons as a catcher in the Detroit Tigers minor league system between 1964-1970 playing in A and AA leagues. He began his managing career in 1972 for the Tigers in the A league.

Who has the record for the most strikouts in a career for a major league baseball hitter?

Reggie Jackson holds the record for the most strikeouts in a single career in Major League Baseball, in his career he struck out 2,597 times.

What baseball player had 1912 career hits?

Hall of Fame catcher Gabby Hartnett ended his career with 1912 base hits.

Did Joe Maddon play Major League Baseball?

No. Maddon was a catcher and played in the minor league system of the Angels (Quad Cities, Salinas, and Santa Clara between 1976-1978) before becoming a scout. He ended his minor league career with a .267 batting average.

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