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Q: Are you allowed to substitute a catcher in baseball when that team is on defense?
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What is the substitute defense mechanism?


Why do they call the pitcher and catcher in baseball the battery?

Because like a battery they are the ones that make everything go. Every play in baseball starts with the pitcher (pitching the ball) and the catcher (giving signs and directing the defense) -- If you dont have the pitcher and catcher, you cant play baseball.. kind of like if a car doesnt have a battery it cant go anywhere

How many points were allowed by the 1996 Pittsburgh Steelers defense?

In 1996, the Steelers defense allowed 257 points.

What are the defense positions in baseball?

Pitcher, Catcher, SHortstop, SEcond Base, THird Base, First Base, Left Field, RIght Field, and Center FIeld

Should self defense be allowed in schools?


Can a runner on third score if the catcher goes to the mound to talk to the pitcher?

No, because a time out was granted to the defense allowing the catcher to go up to the pitcher.

What is Carlos Ruiz famous for?

Carlos Ruiz is a professional baseball player that currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He's a catcher that has been known for his defense behind the plate and occasionally his bat.

What is a defense in baseball?


Where is goal defense allowed in netball court?

goal defence is allowed up to the second line

Does baseball have 9 players on offense and defense?

baseball does not have offense and defense but the people that are playing field or bat

What sport does defense have the ball?


Is defense a chant in baseball?

No. The chant 'defense' is used in the sport of American football.

Are guns allowed in Mexico?

No. You need a special permit by the Defense Secretariat.

Are you allowed to kill people that attack you?

Your defense should be measures and proportionate.

Where are the coaches supposed to be when their team is on defense during a baseball game?

where are the coaches supposed to be when their team is on defense during a baseball game

What is displacement defense mechanism?

Emotions, ideas, or wishes being transferred from their original object to a more acceptable substitute.

Can you substitute on the fly in Lacrosse?

Yes you can substitute on the fly. Usually midfielders who play on both sides of the ball (offense and defense) are the ones that change frequently on the fly. But sometimes when the ball is on the defensive end for example, a coach may want to substitute an attackman.

What NFL team allowed the fewest points allowed in a NFL 14 game season?

1977 Atlanta Falcons "Grits Blitz" Defense. They allowed only 129 points which averages out to 9.2 per game. Greatest single season defense of all time.

Who can sack the quarterback?

Any player on the opposing teams defense is allowed to sack the quarterback.

What is set summon in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You put a monster in face down defense position BUT your not allowed to normel summon a monster in defense postion.

Is a catcher and pitcher get credited with a putout on a strikeout?

A strikeout is a pitching statistic. The pitcher is credited with a strikeout under his or her pitching stats. A putout is a fielding statistic for defense. The catcher is credited with the putout under his or her fielding stats.

What is the minimum number of baseball players on the field during active play?

Ten: nine position players on defense (Catcher, pitcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base and three outfielders) and a batter at the plate on offense.

How does the NFL rank the number one defense?

They rank it by the amount of defensive touchdowns, sacks, interceptions, forced fumbles, touchdowns allowed, rushing yards allowed, and pass yards allowed.

How many players on Baseball diamond at one time?

There are nine players on the defense (three out fielders, four infielders, a pitcher and a catcher). There can be anywhere from 1 to 4 players from the offense on the diamond (a batter and up to a runner on each base.) Counting both the offense and the defense, there can be anywhere from 10 to 13 players on the diamond at one time.

Where did the Pittsburgh Steelers rank in total defense for 2011?

In 2011, the Steelers ranked #1 in total defense. They allowed an average of 271.8 yards per game.