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they block the shots

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Q: What is the job of a goalie?
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What is a goalie?

A goalie is a player whose job is to stop the puck from entering the net.

In hockey who's job is it to prevent the puck from entering the goal?

The Goalie

What is the attack man job in lacrosse?

to score and stop the goalie from clearing the ball

What is the job description for a NHL player?

in my opinion the only job discription for hockey would be to get the puck in the net [ unless youre a goalie] ;]

Why do hockey players butt the goalies helmet after a win?

It's just a tradition congratulating a goalie on a job well done. Most players will give the goalie's leg pads a thump.

How do you spell goalie?


What does the position defense in soccer do?

Defense or a defender helps the goalie put incase the goalie can not get the ball.the defense posistion in soccer is supposed to keep the other team from scoring. when the defense gets the ball, their job is to get it up to the offense

Is goalie an adjective?

No, goalie is a noun.

Whats the name of the goalie?

The goalie.

If a soccer goalie gets a red card who would be goalie?

there would subsitute another goalie

Can you run out of the goalie area as goalie?


Is there a goalie in basketball?

No, there isn't a goalie in basketball.

Does goalie hopeful or goblin have a short o sound?


Can you hit a goalie in the NHL?

You are not allowed to hit a goalie in the NHL. Of you do you will get a 2 minute penalty for goalie interference.

What is the goalie crease in hockey for?

It dictates the area in which the goalie should have complete freedom of movement and is the goalie's area.

Why touch the goalies head after winning a game?

its a way of saying good luck to the goalie and that he did a great job that night during the game

In Gatorball can the goalie play any ball with his hands inside the goalie area?

Yes, as long as they are in the goalie box

Can you touch the goalie in indoor soccer?

It all depends on how you touch them, if the goalie has possession, and if the goalie is dribbling the soccer ball.

Can you touch the net in soccer?

Yes you can, Goalie or no goalie :)

Who is the goalie for the Boston Bruins?

The goalie is Tim Thomas!

Does goalie have a short or long o?

Goalie has a long O sound.

Where is the goalie box in hockey arena?

The Goalie box does not exist. If you are talking about the Goalie Crease, it is a semi-circle in front of the net that is considered the goalie's area and other players are not to invade that area.

Where can goalie masks be purchased from?

Goalie masks can be purchased from the following places: Hockey Giant, Goalie Monkey, Eye Candy Air, Warwick Mask, Pure Goalie, Amazon, eBay, Discount Goalie, The Hockey Shop, Sport Mask, to name a few.

Do you have to have a goalie stick for goalie?

yes. goalie sticks are bigger and shaped differently to be able to have more of a chance of stopping the puck.

Was there ever a NHL goalie that was the team captain?

No, it is against the rules to be a goalie and be a captain. A goalie can be an assistant captain, but not a regular captain.