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Q: Can a defensive soccer player score?
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Can a defensive player score in soccer?

Yes. Any player on the pitch can score in soccer including goalkeepers.

What is the job of a defensive team in soccer?

Not let the offensive teams score goals.

How likely is it for a soccer player to score a midfield goal?

It depends on which soccer player it is and what division.

How can a defensive hockey player score a goal?

In the same ways as any player. If they can hit the puck into the goal, they can score.

What is a soccer striker?

The soccer striker is an offensive player, trying to score.

What does defensive player do in soccer?

A defensive player in soccer helps the goalie save goals. There are some differences though, a goalie can use their hands to save goals and a defensive player can only use their body aka chest, thighs, feet, head.

What sport has strikers and sweepers?

Soccer (football) - A striker is an attacking player, and a sweeper is a defensive player who moves across the defensive line.

Can a player score in the penalty box in soccer?


Can a soccer player score a goal on an indirect kick?

no it can not

What does a forward player do in soccer?

Forward score goals

In soccer can goalies score?

Yes. Any player who is legally on the field can score a goal.

Who is the best female defensive soccer player?

The best female soccer player is Marta Vieira de Silvu

What is the scoring when a defensive player fields the ball and makes no play while not allowing a runner to score?

It would not be an error if the defensive player fields the ball cleanly.

Who can score in soccer?

Any player on the field can score given the opportunity, even the keeper/goalie.

First soccer player to score 5 goals in one match?

The first soccer player to score 5 goals in 1 match is Lionel Andres Messi. He did this in March 2012.

What is the hink pink for goblin soccer player score?

troll goal

What is stopper in soccer?

The center defensive player, slightly positioned further behind the rest of the defenders.

Indirect kick in soccer?

It means that you can not score directly from the kick another player has to touch the ball for it he/she is able to score

Recommended skills for a soccer player?

Recommended skills for a soccer player are: Defensive Skills Attacking Skills Positioning Skills Shooting Skills Passing Skills Strategy Skills

What abilities does a soccer player need?

Ball control,Quikness,and ability to score

Who had scored the fist score in soccer?

You are not allowed to score in soccer by your fist

Who is Richard mulrooney?

He is an American football (soccer) player. He currently plays as a defensive midfielder for the Houston Dynamo.

What Salary do a soccer player make in Intenational Soccer Team?

$1,000,000.00 a game if they score more than 7 goals

What was the longest time that a soccer player didn't score?

well the Celtic AKA gay boys are the team not to score for the longest

Do you score a run when a defensive player crosses home plate in baseball?

No, only an offensive player can score a run, and they must be in order. If one runner passes another runner, he's out.