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billy white

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Q: What is the highest women's bowling average ever?
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What is the highest bowling league average ever recorded?

Mike Scroggins a professional bowler, carried right around a 260 average a couple years ago on a league near his house

What is the highest score in bowling ever played at the White House?

The highest score was by Richard Nixon and I'm pretty sure he bowled 232

What is the highest score ever recorded in a bowling game?

300 simple best possible score in bowling is 300 so the same must be in a video game

How do you know if you've won a game of bowling?

Who ever has the highest score after all 10 frames is the winner .

What is the hiGhest the tsx AVERAGE HAs ever been?


What is the highest bowling average ever?

262 by Jeff Carter who is now an exempt PBA member. I'm tooting my own horn here, but, Jeffs average does not call out number of games, I've held a 264 average for the first 2 weeks of a league (in case anyone wanted to know)

What is Don Bradman's test cricket average?

99.94 which is the highest ever test cricket average.

Who had the highest batting average ever?

Ty Cobb Actually, Ted Williams has the best batting average.

Which player had the highest batting average ever in a season?

Hugh Duffy is credited with having the highest batting average in a season. In 1894, Duffy batted .4397

What is the highest grade point average ever received?

1.00 It is higher than 0.99 %

What ncaa men's basketball team has highest point average per game?

In 2011 it was Iona at 83.1 per game. Virginia Military has the highest average ever at 103.8.

Job application for Manteca Bowling?

Is there ever gonna be a job application for Manteca Bowling?

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