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195 shots by harry coyne

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Q: What is the highest shots taken in a round of golf?
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What is the highest golf score for a round of golf?


Golf what is the highest round ever in a golf major?

18, I guess.

How many steps in a round of golf?

12,500 - 16,000 depending on length of course and number of shots.

What is the duration of Golf Shots?

The duration of Golf Shots is 1800.0 seconds.

What does - mean in golf?

The - in golf means under par, which is taking less shots than allotted for whether it be a single hole, a series of holes, or an entire round.

What is the lowest number of putts taken in a round of golf?

the fewest putts taken in a single round in the PGA is 18 putts. A record shared by several golfers.

How many holes are played on a round of golf?

There are 18 holes in a round of golf.

What is the highest round of golf ever recorded?

It would have to be at a course in Bolivia, La Paz Golf Club, which is at an elevation of 10,800 ft. It is an old, established 18-hole venue that makes a formal and legitimate claim to the highest in the world.

Which golf venue set the standard round of golf at 18 holes?

The Royal & Ancient Golf Club was founded in 1754. The club set a number of standards for the game, including the 18 hole round. Since the 1700's, St. Andrews has been considered the ancestral home of the game.I have heard that the 18 holes in golf came from there being 18 shots in a fifth.

What Does a Round of Gulf consist of?

It is a round of golf. It consists of playing 18 holes of golf.

Who is Oogla?

Oogla is the god of good golf shots

In golf what is 2 shots below par called?

2 shots below par is an Eagle.

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