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There is not one singular "best shot" as it is all down to your swing type but there is one shot that will go the farthest and its called a strike its where you hit the Golf club perfectly out of the centre of the club and the speed of the swing isn't that important if you have a slower swing you are more likely to Strike the ball.

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I will give you two. First, the transition from your backswing to your downswing should be started with your legs, I personally like moving my left leg around the knee towards the target and this is not a big lateral move it is very small. Second, when you swing the club your right elbow should start down and be close to your body. Both of these moves will help you create lag and rotate the body which is essential for consistent golf.

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195 shots by harry coyne

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Q: What is the highest shots taken in a round of golf?
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What is the duration of Golf Shots?

The duration of Golf Shots is 1800.0 seconds.

What does - mean in golf?

The - in golf means under par, which is taking less shots than allotted for whether it be a single hole, a series of holes, or an entire round.

What is the lowest number of putts taken in a round of golf?

the fewest putts taken in a single round in the PGA is 18 putts. A record shared by several golfers.

In golf what is 2 shots below par called?

2 shots below par is an Eagle.

What Does a Round of Gulf consist of?

It is a round of golf. It consists of playing 18 holes of golf.

Who is Oogla?

Oogla is the god of good golf shots

How do you count putts in a round of golf?

Each putt counts as one stroke to your score for that hole, so it's not necessarily only the putts that count, your shots before them do also.

Number of holes that make up a complete round of golf?

A full round of golf is 18 holes. Some courses are only 9 holes, in which case, the nine holes must be played twice. Any round which is less than 18 holes will not be considered a complete round.

What is a golf spotter?

A spotter is someone assigned to a hole in a golf tournament to locate players tee shots.

What does par mean in golf?

You've done it in 5 shots

What are the release dates for Hot Shots Golf World Invitational - 2012 VG?

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational - 2012 VG was released on: USA: 14 February 2012

Do you play better golf with expensive golf balls?

It's not so much about playing better golf as gaining greater distance with your shots.