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Q: What is the highest minus on a youth baseball bat?
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How do you buy a youth baseball bat?

You go to a shop and grab a youth baseball bat then give the tiller some money then he will give you change then you can go with your new youth baseball bat!!!!!

What does Minus bat drop refer to in youth bats?

A thirty inch bat that weighs 20 ounces would be a minus 10

What baseball bat brands make a -5 bat?

DeMarini brand makes a youth baseball bat that is -5 size.

How is drop on a baseball bat determined?

The length of the bat minus the weight of the bat. (Length - Weight = Drop #)

What minus does a pony league baseball bat have to be?

I can be -3 to -9

Is their a minus 6 or minus 7 baseball available?

I think you mean baseball bat. In the younger leagues you can get a bat that is a drop 10. In the older leagues, it is usually a drop 3.

What does the plus or minus number mean on a baseball bat?

Almost always a minus number, it refers to the weight of the bat. Take the length of the bat and subtract the minus number and that is the weight. So a 33 inch bat that is -3 weighs 30 ounces.

What is the minus bat drop required for 7th and 8th grade Junior High Baseball or catholic league baseball?

minus 3

What does 3 mean on a baseball bat?

The length minus the weight will be -3

Most expensive youth baseball bat?

id have to say the easton stealth

Are they going to make a CF3 white baseball bat in youth?

No. They only make 2 models of each cf bat

What is a -3 baseball bat?

A -3 Bat is a bat where the weight is equal to the height minus 3 So if you had a 34 inch bat, the weight would be 31 oz.

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