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A thirty inch bat that weighs 20 ounces would be a minus 10

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Q: What does Minus bat drop refer to in youth bats?
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Bat length for a 4 foot 10 inch child?

At that height, this child sounds like the age of a Little Leaguer and an average length bat would be in the 29-31 inch range. However, the weight of the bat will also come into play when it comes to one that the child will be comfortable using. Bats come designated with a 'drop' ... this is the length of the bat, in inches, subtracted from the weight of the bat, in ounces. All youth bats are a minus 'drop', for example, a 30 inch long bat that weighs 25 ounces is a 'drop' of -5. Generally, the younger the player the higher the minus drop should be when it comes to the child being comfortable swinging the bat.

Is their a minus 6 or minus 7 baseball available?

I think you mean baseball bat. In the younger leagues you can get a bat that is a drop 10. In the older leagues, it is usually a drop 3.

How is drop on a baseball bat determined?

The length of the bat minus the weight of the bat. (Length - Weight = Drop #)

Do wooden bats have drop?


What sizes do bats come in?

Bats come in many different sizes. The size is determined by the bats length and weight in ounces. The difference between the length and weight is call the drop, and is often displayed as a minus sign then a number. For example, a 32in/22oz bat would be a -10 drop bat. A 32in/29oz bat would be a -3 drop.Different leages and age ranges have different requirements.Tee ball bats are generally 24 - 26 inches in length with a drop of about -10 to -12.5Youth bats are usually 26 - 32 inches in length with a drop of about -10 to -13.5Senior League bats are about 30 - 32 inches in length with a drop of about -8 to -10. Senior league bats often have a big barrel design (up to 2 5/8)Adult bats are usually 31 - 34 inches in length and always have a drop of -3

What does a minus5 mean on a baseball bat?

minus 5 or drop 5 is how bats measure size to weight there are drop 12, drop 8, drop 5, and drop 3 this means that on a drop 5 bat there is 5 numbers in between the weight and lenght like 32 inches long and 27 ounches so there are five same goes for a drop 3 sept there are 3 numbers in between instead of 5

What is the minus bat drop required for 7th and 8th grade Junior High Baseball or catholic league baseball?

minus 3

What are Baseball bat minus numbers?

That is called the 'drop'. Subtract the length of the bat in inches from the weight of the bat in ounces and you get the drop, or minus number. EXAMPLE: A 34 inch long bat weighs 30 ounces. 30-34=-4. -4 is the drop of the bat.

What is the definition of business slump?

A business slump can refer to a drop in customers or clients. It will also refer to a drop in revenue. Usually it is for a short period of time before it goes back up.

Which -number weight drop on bats is better?

the one with the most drop is easier to swing but heivier bats may hit he ball further

What softball bat would be good for a beginner?

When selecting a softball bat a few things need to be considered; age, height, and weight of the person who will be using the bat, type of material the bat is made from, the grip, the drop; length-to-weight ratio, and if a youth bat or adult bat is needed. Easton has many choices in beginner's softball bats including youth and adult bats.

Can bats jump?

No to fly they must climb and drop

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