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The Hawthorns - correct answer

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Q: What is the highest football ground above sea level in England?
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What is the highest football ground in England?

The highest football ground in England must be the home of amateur club Queensbury, near Bradford. Foxhill Park is over 1200 feet above sea level. Buxton is 200 feet lower. ____ The Silverlands home of Buxton fc who currently play in the Unibond Premier is over 1000 ft above sea level, nearly twice the height above sea level of that of The Hawthorns (WBA) the highest football league ground.

Where is the highest football league ground in the UK?

In England, the highest ground above sea level in the N-Power football league is Vale Park, home of Port Vale Fc. The highest ground in all of the UK is The Hawthorns, home of the brilliant Boing Boing Baggies, West Bromwich Albion. The capacity of The Hawthorns is 25,600 and will rise up to 30,000 in the next four years. BOING BOING!

Which English football league team plays at the highest altitude?

The highest English league ground is The Hawthorns, home of West Bromwich Albion, at a lung-sapping 551ft (168m) above sea level. The highest stadium in England is the non-league Buxton ground, at 997ft (304m).

Where is highest football ground above sea level in the top four English football leagues?

The Hawthorns home to West Bromwich Albion

Which football clup has the highest fans in the world?

Oldham Athletic have the ground highest above sea level in UK, so they would be the English club with the highest fans... Generally, Bolivia is reckoned to be the highest altitude country to play football, so their fans would be the highest

How far is it from London England to Oxford England by underground?

About the same as it is above ground.

How far above sea level is England?

The highest point in England is Scafell Pike at 3000 feet.

What is the highest point above sea level in England?

The summit of Scafell Pike in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria is the highest point in England. It's summit is 3,209 ft (978 metres)above sea level.

If you were looking at a physical map would you be further above sea level in Spain or England?

The highest point in Spain is much higher than the highest point in England.

Which golf club in England contains the highest point above sea level?

Alston Moor Golf Club, in Cumbria is the highest in England at 1,476 feet above sea level, with ten holes, the highest 18 hole golf course is Kington Golf Club in Herefordshire at 1280 feet above sea level.

What is the highest town in England?

Flash, Staffordshire is the town with the highest altitude in the nation of England. It lies on the slope of Axe Edge Moor at a height of 551 meters above sea level.

Is Spain or England more above sea level?

While they both lie at sea level, Spain's highest point has a much greater altitude than England's highest point. Spain's highest mountain, Mulhacen, is about three and a half times taller than England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike.

Is walsall the highest football club above sea level?

pretty sure its west brom

What is the highest canal in England?

Huddersfield Narrow Canal which is 645ft above sea level

A boy kicks a football with an initial velocity of 28.0 ms at an angle of 60.0 above the horizontal What is the highest elevation reached by the football in its trajectory?


What is the highest altitude the Wright brothers flew and where?

They only flew few metres above the ground.

At what point does a roller coaster have the greatest potential energy?

A roller coaster has the greatest gravitational potential energy at the highest point above the ground, (or at the highest point in the loop).

Lightning rods work based upon the fact that?

lightning will strike the highest point above ground

The clouds highist cloud is?

Cirrus clouds are the highest cloud. They are 6 to 8 miles above ground.

How many kilometers from the ground do jet airplanes fly on?

I think the maximum flight level for commercial passenger airliners is 41,000 feet.That's 12.5 kilometers above sea level.The altitude above the ground depends on how high the ground is.The highest ground on earth is the peak of Mt. Everest, about 8.9 km above sea level.So the maximum flight level for a passenger jet is about 3.6 km higher than the highestpoint on the ground.

What is the highest elevation private residence in eastern America?

This 14,260-square-foot condo is described as the highest residence in the Western Hemisphere at 1178 feet above ground.

What is the height of goal post in football?

The goal post must be a minimum of 20 feet above the crossbar and the crossbar is 10 feet above the ground, so that would make the top of the goal post a minimum of 30 feet above the ground. cn xcm

A flagpole stands 30 feet above the ground. The base of the flagpole reaches 10 feet into the ground. What is the vertical distance between the highest and lowest points of the flag pole?


What is the height of the horizontal bar of a high school football goal post?

The crossbar is 10 feet above the ground.

How high is Scafel Pike?

Scafell pike is 978m or 3,209ft above sea level, the highest mountain in England.