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ross county

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Q: What is the highest football ground in Britain?
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Which football ground has the highest altitude?


Highest football ground in england?

Wembley Stadium

What is the highest football ground in Europe?

Old trafford

What is highest football ground in Scotland?

Broadwood stadium Cumbernauld

What is the highest football ground above sea level in England?

The Hawthorns - correct answer

Which is the highest altitude football league ground in England?

West Brom's Stadium

Which well known football team in England has the highest stadium altitude?

oldham The Hawthorns home West Bromich Albion is the highest football ground in England

Which football clup has the highest fans in the world?

Oldham Athletic have the ground highest above sea level in UK, so they would be the English club with the highest fans... Generally, Bolivia is reckoned to be the highest altitude country to play football, so their fans would be the highest

Where is highest football ground above sea level in the top four English football leagues?

The Hawthorns home to West Bromwich Albion

What is playground of football is called?

In Britain, football is played on a football pitch, or a soccer pitch. A football club may have their home ground, such as Turf Moor, for Burnley Football Club, in Burnley, Lancashire, England.

What is correct football ground or the football ground?

hill end football club around the ground

Where is the highest football league ground in the UK?

In England, the highest ground above sea level in the N-Power football league is Vale Park, home of Port Vale Fc. The highest ground in all of the UK is The Hawthorns, home of the brilliant Boing Boing Baggies, West Bromwich Albion. The capacity of The Hawthorns is 25,600 and will rise up to 30,000 in the next four years. BOING BOING!

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