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415. between Greame Smith and Neil McKenzie.

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Q: What is the highest 1st wicket stand in test match cricket?
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Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

What is an extended period at the wicket by two batsmen in cricket?

The extended period at the wicket by two batsmen in cricket is called a stand.

Who two Pakistani openers share the highest wicket stand in a World Cup match?

mohammad hafeez and kamran akmal

What does LBW stand for in cricket?

Leg Before Wicket

What dose lbw stand for in cricket?

Leg before wicket

How close are the batter and the bowler in a game of cricket?

wicket - to - wicket is 22 yards so as both stand a little between them i guess they're 20-21 yards apart (approx 18m)

In which test match in the history of test cricket was the first century opening stand recorded?

In test match number 6 played in 1882 on feb 17-21 between Australia and England George Ulyett and Richard Barlow put on 122 runs for the first wicket in England's second ininngs in the second test of the series. Australia won the match by 5 wickets. This was the first century opening stand.

What does ''I.b.w'' Stand for?

In cricket it means Leg Before Wicket. (LBW) Basically means your leg has blocked the ball from hitting the stumps if you haven't hit the ball.

What does LBW stand for?

Leg Before Wicket.In cricket Leg Before Wicket (LBW) is one of the ways in which a batsman can be dismissed in occurs when the batsmen is struck anywhere except his bat or gloves and the ball would be hitting the stumps (ball has to hit in line with the stumps and pitch outside of stump if a shot is played) :)Leg Before Wicket

What is the meaning of stand in cricket?

cricket is a game, not a meaning

In cricket what are the slips?

The slips are fielders who stand next to the wicket keeper, behind the batsmen;. The job of the slips is to catch edges that are too wide for the keeper to field. There can be as many as 6 slips at one time but normally just one or 2

In the world of cricket what does 'MCC' stand for?

Marylebone Cricket Club