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Wrestling is by far the hardest school sport. I play football, Basketball, and wrestle. Out of those 3 sports, wrestling requires the most conditioning, explosiveness, agility, and strength. That's why wrestlers are usually the most fit athletes in school. If boxing or MMA, was a school sport, then i think it would replace wrestling.
Jonathon Bailey-
I have taken Martial Arts such as Karate have high belts and I would recommend it over any school sport but you get no school publicity for doing it. Although wrestling is very hard as i know from the one year i did do it, i think the hardest sport you can do is cross country. Running for 60 minutes with constant pain in your whole body is punishment. The only thing about running cross country is it slows you down in short distances because you have built your muscles for endurance and this sport will cause you to drop as much as 7 pounds per week if you have any extra weight. I would definetly recommend either sport because there is no sitting on the bench on either one. The great thing about running is you can tell people "My sport is your sports punishment".

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The hardest sport to play in school is hockey because it is crowded and you may lose the ball

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the hardest sport to play in school is soccer because people are always crowded over the ball and you have to pay attention to where you kick and others kick so you do not get hurt and you can fall is you trip over someones foot when they kick the ball .

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Q: What is the hardest sport to play in school?
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