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setter or offside/rightside hitter

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Q: What is the front right position in volleyball?
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What are the basic positions in volleyball from left to right?

The left front position is the outside hitter. The middle front position is the middle hitter. The right front position is the setter.

What are the position names for volleyball?

The front right, front middle, front left, back left, back middle, back right

What are the names of the 4 position of volleyball?

libero, outside hitter, middle blocker, opposite, setter, back row

What position are you most likely to tear your acl in volleyball?

When playing volleyball the postiton you are most likely to tear your ACL would be any position in the front So that would be middle front, Left front, or right front. due to having to transition off the net. which you could tear or twist the mucsle the wrong way. And when you block you could very much land wrong.

What is the volleyball rotation?

To the right of the front row players.

What position does a volleyball player serve?

The player who served last will be in position one until there is a new server, unless they are substituted for by another player or the libero.

What are all the 7 positions called in volleyball?

There are only 6 positions in volleyball : Right-Front Left-Front Middle-Back Left-Back Right-Back Setter

What position does R stand for in volleyball?

the r stands for right side

Where does a middle back volleyball player go after serving?

The positions go from 1-6 in a counter clockwise position, starting 1 at serving position in right back. However, you rotate in a clockwise direction (confusing I know!). So from serving, you rotate to middle back, then to left back, then to left front, to middle front, to right front, and back to right back where you serve again. I hope this helps!

What are 3 positions on the volleyball court?

the 3 positions in volleyball are.... left, middle, and right. There are 3 in the front of the court and 3 in the back of the court. If u were to go around, starting with the serving position, going clockwise, it would go... right back, middle back, left back, left front, middle front, and right front. there are many other names for these positions also but these are the basic names. look at chart so u know what i am talking about!

Where is setter position in volleyball?

Setters come from the right back position. Even when the setter rotates he/she will switch the the right side after the serve is initiated.

What is 6 man volleyball?

i am pretty sure 6 man volleyball is what i play. if it is, it just means u have 6 people on the court: left front, middle front, right front, left back, middle back, and right back.