What is the fastest time a 12 year old ran the 400 meter race?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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my is 2:55 and i'm not joking

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43 seconds

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Q: What is the fastest time a 12 year old ran the 400 meter race?
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What is fastest time of 75 year old man in 10km race?

36.51 by David fox

What is the Fastest 1600 meter time for 14 year old boys?

A great time is anything 5 minutes or lower.

Who has the fastest time for an 11 yr old in the 400 meter?

There is no record for 11 year olds for track

What is the average time for a year 7 running a 400 meter race?

he shouldn't

What is the fastest 100 yard dash?

Bob Hayes has the world record in the 100 yard dash. This record was set in the year 1963. This is a separate race from the 100 meter dash.

Fastest high school 1600 meter relay time?

Alan Webb currently holds the fastest high school 1600 meter relay time of 3:53.43. He broke a 36 year standing record set by Jim Ryan in 1965 of 3:55.3.

What is a good time for a 12 year old boy in the 200 meter race?

25 secs is a good time a very good one at that actually.

Who is the fastest year 8 80 meter hurdle runner in croyden?

david sprinks

What was the fastest 200 meter race ever run?

during 1996 many people claimed that the 200 and 400 meter gold medalist Michael Johnson had been claimed the fastest man in the world instead of the 100m gold medalist donavan bailey because of the earth shattering amount he smashed the 200m world record at 19.32 he beat the previous record by 0.34 secs. A year later a 150m race took place between the two where Bailey won the title due to Johnson pulling out because of injury

how fast was the fastest 14 year old girls 100 meter dash?

11.6 Seconds

Who is the fastest player this year?

I always pick the fastest player each year by looking at the fastest 40 yard dash time of the combine that year and this year it was Darrius Heyward-Bay with a time of 4.30 seconds.

What is the standard for a 13 year old girl in 100 meter sprint?

The standard for a 13 year old girl is around 12-13 seconds. It also depends on how good that girl is. I am in Track and Field and I do 100 meter sprints. My fastest time is 13.54 and I am 13. Most girls get around that time.