What is the famous sport in France?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What is the famous sport in France?
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Which sport is the biggest annual sport held in France every year?

cycling. the Tour De France event is very famous

What is the national sports of France?

There is no national sport in France eventhough France is very famous for football AKA Soccer.

What is a very popular leisure or sport activity in France?

Frances famous sport is cycling.India123girl does that answer your question?

What is France's most famous sport todate?

Soccer because it is the most popular sport in the world

What sport is famous in Lille France?

Ice hockey is fairly popular in France. I hope i helped! B-).

What sport did Florent Malouda famous for?

Football. Play for Chelsea Football club(England) and France.

Is France more famous than Turkey in sports?

France is most likely to be in more sport federations than Turkey for France has been in both Summer Olympics and in the Winter Olympics.

Which sport is played least in France?

Wrestling is the least played sport in France.

What was the national sport in Ancient France?

Football was the most common sport played in Ancient France.

Popular sport in France?

Football is the most famouse sport in France but gymnasium is the most famous sport in Paris. There a plenty of gyms at hotels where professional coaching and opportunities are provided. The most technologically advanced and challenging techniques are employed at these places in order to shape individuals with promising potentials

Which is the famous sport of India?

i think the most famous sport in India is cricket

Is soccer a famous Brazilian sport?

yes soccer is a famous sport in brazil