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Q: What is the energy system interplay for marathon?
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What happens in the endocrine system when running a marathon?

When running a marathon the endocrine system kicks into high gear. Hormones are pumped into cells for energy and endurance.

What does interplay mean?

Interplay is the action or influence on each other; reciprocal play (as in the interplay of light and shadow)

When was Interplay Discovery created?

Interplay Discovery was created in 1983.

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Energy systems interplay during beep tests?

The aerobic system is the dominant energy system for the whole beep test. This is because the intensity is sub-maximal and the duration is longer than 90 seconds. As the athletes glycogen stores depletes the anaerobic glycolysis system increase its contribution to the synthesis of ATP. The ATP-PC system is making minimal contribution for the whole duration of the beep test.

When running a marathon when is it best to ingest fats?

Never during a marathon. Your body does not have the ability to metabolize fats into energy during the time it takes to run a marathon.

Why is the aerobic endurance important?

Aerobic energy system is used for long durations sports such as a Football And Marathon Running As The Aerobic energy System is used for long distance sport activities and can only be active when oxygen is there.

What is a sentence for interplay?

It is important to understand the interplay between all living things.

What type of energy do you give off when you run a marathon?

you give off calary and diet energy