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Q: What is the distance from the bottom of the backboard to the rim?
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How high is the bottom of the 10ft rim backboard?

9'9'' ft or 9'10''!

Is the nba hoop measured by the rim or the top of the backboard?

The measurement of 10' refers to the distance from the rim to the ground.

How far is the basketall freethrow line from the rim?

The distance of the free throw line is 15 feet (or 4.572m) from the backboard. The rim is 45cm in diameter, plus the 15 cm that divide the rim from the backboard, making the front of the rim 3.972m (or 13.03 feet) from the foul line.

If the ball goes off the rim and over the backboard is it out of bounds?

If the ball goes off the rim and over the backboard then it is out of bounds. If it goes off the rim and hits the top of the backboard but falls back in play on the front side of the backboard, then it isn't out of bounds.

What is the distance from the top of the rim to the box on the backboard?

I'm not sure but i think its about 5m or 4.3 not sure but its almost

Where does the hoop in basketball sit on the board?

The rim is placed at the bottom of the front face of the backboard, and is projected 15cm forward.

Where is the shooting square located on a basketball backboard?

on the backboard above the rim

How far is the free throw line from the rim?

Free-throw line distance from the backboard: 15 ft

What the rim is attached to?

The backboard.

What is a rim attached to?

A backboard

Can you hit the backboard while the ball is on the rim?

Yes, that's how, sometimes, the ball gets stuck on the hoop. It gets wedged between the backboard and the side of the rim.

What is the square area called on basketball backboard?

Box Square area painted or taped above the rim on the backboard.

Where can you find a hook on backboard and rim?

You can find a hook on a backboard and rim at a local sports store. Also, you can visit Walmart as well to find the product or Sports Authority.

Do you measure from the front or back of the rim when measuring for the foul and three-point lines?

When shooting free throws, the distance is measured from the foul line to the base of the backboard. In the case of 3-pointers, the shortest distance is measured...depending on where the ball is shot from. If you shoot from the corner, the distance is measured to the side of the rim. If you shoot from the top of the 3 point arc, the distance is measured to the front of the rim.

Where on a backboard is the square?

Its right above the rim

What is basketball rim?

it is the hoop attached to the backboard

Where is the rectangle located on the backboard?

In the center, behind the rim.

What is the distance the basketball has to go to reach the hoop from the foul line?

The free throw line is 15 feet from the backboard. However, it is 13 feet from the front of the rim.

Do you measure the free throw line from the rim or the backboard?

the rim Actually, the free throw line is measured from the front edge of the backboard out 15'. This would be where the line should be located.

Nba rebound their own miss even if it does not touch the rim or backboard?

If a player shoots and it doesn't hit the backboard or rim, and they catch it before it hits the floor, it's a travel. The ball either has to: a) Hit the rim or backboard. b) Hit the ground before the player can retain possession again.

How big is the backboard of a basketball?

you mean the backboard on a rim its Width - 6 feet (72 inches) and Height - 3.5 feet

What is it called when the ball bounces off the rim of backboard when the shot is missed?

A shot off the rim. what is it call when u bounce the ball in the rim and u miss it?

What were the first basketball rim and backboard made out of?

a peach basket

What is the call when the basketballs stuck on rim and backboard?


When the ball bounces off the backboard or rim?

dead ball

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