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The difference between Basketball and Netball is that in basketball you can take more than 2 steps and dribble up the court, but in netball the most amount of steps you can take is 2 and you are put in certain positions. Another difference is that netball is played in thirds and basketball in halves.

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Netball is played in thirds, basketball in half's.

Netball is non-contact, while basketball is contact.

Netball nets are similar to basketball nets but have no backboard are taller and smaller in diameter.

Netball has seven players, basketball has five.

Netball players have bibs and specific positions, basketball does not.

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Q: What is the different between netball and basketball?
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What is the difference between netball and handball?

In handball you have goals and in netball you have a net(like in basketball). Balls are different. Netball is mostly(only) played by females.

What came first netball or basketball?

basketball. netball originated from basketball

What is the different betwen netball and basketball?

In netball you cannot bouncethe ball whereas you can in basketball and in netball only certain players are allowed in specific thirds prior to which position they play, but in basketball the whole team is allowed anywhere.

What is the difference between soccer and netball?

Netball is a women's sport while basketball is a sport for men. Well whoever answered this question is obviously sexist. I am a woman and have played both netball and basketball. They are 2 entirely different sports.

When did basketball become netball?

Netball came from basketball so was originally called basketball but over the years the name has changed just like the rules!

Is netball better then basketball?


What ryams with basketball?


What year was netball made?

Netball was invented in 1892 but was called Women's Basketball not Netball.

What is koufball?

Opinion 1) Koufball is a sport between basketball and netball and is fun!Opinion 2) Koufball is a sport between basketball and netball and it is really fun!Opinion 3)Koufball is a sport between basketball and netball and is real fun! ( I play Koufball)HINT: If you don't play Koufball why don't you give it a try? ITS REALLY FUN!!!!! You never know, you could be a PRO! If you do give it a try, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Why is knowing a variety of shots in netball a strength?

netball isn't basketball, there are no variety of shots, its just one shot although different techniques are used by different players but there are no names like a slam dunk...

What is the difference between a netball hoop and a basketball hoop?

Basketball has a backboard for the ball to bounce off. Netball hoops just have a hoop no backboard. You have to be very acurate. Also in netball the diameter of the rings is 3 inches smaller.

Is Basketball and Netball a outdoor sport?

Basketball and Netball are usually played as an indoor sport, however yes they can also be played outside.