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Netball isn't Basketball, there are no variety of shots, its just one shot although different techniques are used by different players but there are no names like a slam dunk...

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Q: Why is knowing a variety of shots in netball a strength?
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What Netball Shots Are There?

overarm throw, bounce pass or chest pass.

What equipment does a umpire use in netball?

An umpire calls all the shots and uses a whistle

Penalty shot in netball?

penalty pass or shots are taken when obstruction has occured inthe shooting circle

Where can one view videos of incredible basketball shots?

There are a large variety of different places where one can view videos of incredible basketball shots. These places include, but are not limited to, YouTube and Veoh.

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That would depend on the strength of the beer in the can. You have not told us that so we can not answer you.

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The question can't be answered without knowing the caliber, number of shots and all markings.

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There are no rules. Only ideas.

List names of the 7 netball teams?

the legends the hot shots the shooting balls the giltters the golden girls the go girls the the milkshakes

When was Shots After Shots created?

Shots After Shots was created on 2009-11-30.

State the types of shots palyed in badminton?

They are four types of shots played in badminton. These are the drop shots, clear shots, drive shots, and smash shots. It takes time to learn of these shots and when to use them.

Are women better at hockey then men?

Men tend to be better athletes than women, due to higher physical strength. Therefore, women's hockey is a little different from men's hockey, with less physical contact and overall less strength involved in shots, etc.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number 316182?

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What is collective nouns for shots?

Collective nouns are a series of shots or a schedule of shots.

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Which one is the best for badminton speed tactics or strength?

I don't know what you mean by speed tactics, but it's more important to have better footwork to move around and hit shots better, than just brute strength. Strength is also important, to clear well to smash hard, but for beginners, focus on moving well, clearing to a certain point, then it will be much better.

What is the collective noun for shots?

he collective noun for shots is a volley of shots.

How is netball is played?

Hi guys, Netball is played with 7 people on each team. The whole game lasts for 1 hour and the team with the most shots win~ You are not aloud to step with the ball and the GS and GA are the only ones aloud to shoot~ The positions are named C,GA,GS,GK,GD,WA,WD. they stand for centre, goal attack,goal shooter,goal keeper,wing attack and wing defense Hope you have fun playing netball. By Caitlin additional from Xx angelxx junior netball is only 21minutes i also made some changes

What Collective noun for shots?

Collective nouns are a series of shots or a schedule of shots.

What tools do a regestered nurse use?

Registered nurses use a variety of tools to do their jobs. Some of the more common ones are a thermometer, a blood pressure cuff, and a syringe if shots are needed.

How painful are rabies shots and number of shots required?

not too painful. 2 shots

How many shots in fith of liqour?

A fifth = 25.4 ounces. Depending on what size shots you're pouring... 1.5 oz. shots = 16 shots (with a little leftover) 1.0 oz. shots = 25 shots (with a little leftover)

How to shoot trick shots in pool?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pool and billiard trick shots. Broadly, they can be divided into two categories: artistic shots and skill shots. Artistic shots are all in the setup and require minimal skill in order to make. These shots generally make multiple balls in multiple pockets all in the same shot. These are great to start out with as they only require a bit of knowledge and some patience to learn the setup. Skill shots are those that use typical pool game skills and may take them to extremes. Basic skill shots would be follow shots, draw shots, and bank/kick shots. More extreme skill shots include jump shots and masse shots, where you make the cue ball curve. These shots tend to be easier to learn if you have a mastery of your pool stroke already. Skill shots can also include novelty shots which wouldn't be encountered in a typical pool game. These include speed shots, wing shots (shooting at a moving object ball), juggling shots (shooting a moving cue ball), one-handed shots, opposite handed shots, shots using multiple cues, or combinations thereof. There are many resources in print and online that diagram a number of trick shots. Most use a categorization scale so you know which ones are the easier ones that are better to start off with if you're just learning.

What are some features of the Cobra Baffler?

Some of the features of the Cobra Baffler include, a shallow high strength face which enables stronger shots and a unique good design. This product has been rated highly.