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Weight training is the science of using weights (or another form of external resistance) in order to train your body to perform a certain task with better ease, efficiency, or technique. This broad category includes simple ankle weights worn while jogging, all the way up to half-ton leg presses.

Weight lifting (i.e. bodybuilding) is a subset of weight training. It specifically identifies the discipline of weight training for the purpose of building larger, stronger, or more well-defined muscles. This is in contrast to weight training, which includes those things, plus weight loss, balance, flexibility, and certain athletic skills.

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Powerlifting includes specific Olympic competition lifts such as deadlifts, snatch, clean and jerk, and clean and press. Weightlifting is a general form of any type weight training (free weights, cables, kettlebells, and other implements).

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Weightlifting is just simply lifting weights. Power lifting is hardcore lifting very heavy weights looking for either lots of muscle mass or high amount of strength.

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Q: What is the difference between the terms power lifting and weight lifting?
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To be honest, I'm just starting out in weight lifting. But to me, power, as it relates to weight lifting, is the ability to consistently lift a given amount of weight.

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What is power lifting?

The three lifts squat, bench press, and deadlift are used in powerlifting, a strength competition, in three attempts at their maximum weight.

What is the Difference between power clean and clean pull in weight lifting?

A "clean pull" is the pull that is part of the clean. However, it does not end in "clean" (a catfish is a type of fish, not a cat), so it is not a clean or power clean, as the bar is never racked in the shoulders. Also, a power clean must be caught and racked with the thighs always at or above parallel.

What is the difference between a power sled and a speed sled?

There is a big difference between a power sled and a speed sled. The power speed sled is generally bigger, heavier, can accommodate more weight. It also has handles to assist in resistance training.

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Efficiency=mech Power/ metabolic power Economy is relative to Body weight and at a set speed. Skill dependent.

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What the difference between process piping and power piping?

What is the most recommended style and brand of women's weight lifting gloves?

Harbinger Women's Power glover are highly recommended.

What weight lifting is good for wrestling?

Squats, pull ups, lunges, upright rows, power cleans. Ask your coach too.