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Race skis have a more aggressive side cut and they generally have a wider tip for a sharper turning radius. Also the materials used for racing skis tend to be more expensive. The ski is usually a bit lighter and the materials used, built for high speeds and can take a beating. Down hill would be for a recreational use. For some one who just enjoys skiing rather than lives it.

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Both are speed diciplines but downhill is longer and has less turny, technical turns and super G is an event that combines the speeds of downhill with the technical turns of GS. hope that helps:)

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The difference is the distance of the gates relative to each other. Downhill gates (the blue and red things) are spaced far apart. Giant slalom gates are relatively close. Downhill is also faster while Giant Slalom requires more turning.

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This is gonna be a little confusing...

There are 4 events in what is called alpine or downhill ski racing





So, alpine refers to skiing in general, whereas downhill can be used to refer to all skiing or only one event.

Hope this helps :)

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Q: What is the difference between race skis and downhill skis?
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Do world cup skiers use the same skis as you buy?

Not unless you are a ski racer yourself, and were lucky enough to get top of the line equipment. World Cup skiers get the best race skis that their factory makes. They have many different pairs of the same type (downhill skis, for example) that they will test to see which are the fastest. Race skis are highly specialized and differ greatly from demo skis or skis that the public usually buys. You can see this reflected in the price. Race skis typically run $800-$1000 for the skis, not including bindings.

How do skis help you to go fast downhill?

Yes, skis WILL help you get downhill faster if there is snow. You need to know how steep the hill is to know how fast you will go. If you add some ski wax to the bottom of your skis, you will go extra fast.

Can you use downhill wax on crosscountry skis?


What type of skiing uses the longest and widest skis?

In ski racing, downhill skis are the longest, but slalom skis are the widest.

How fast do downhill skis go?

over 100mph at least

What is the difference between skis for jumping and skis for racing?

Skis for jumping are longer and wider for more air resistence, and skis for racing are long and have slick surfaces and have sharp edges for going faster.

What is the difference between alpine touring skis and all mountain skis?

Alpine Touring, also known as Randonnée, is a type of backcountry skiing. Randonnée ski bindings are a cross between standard downhill bindings (toes and heels locked in) and telemark bindings (only toes locked in). With randonnée bindings, the skier can clip down the heel piece when skiing downhill (like downhill bindings) and release it when skating or climbing (like telemark bindings). Special ski boots are used with both telemark and randonnée; though, randonnée boots have rigid soles like standard downhill boots. Also, randonnée bindings can release during falls, but telemark bindings cannot. And a skier need not learn to turn differently on AT skis, as with telemark skis, since the heel can be clipped down. As for the skis themselves, AT skis are typically much wider and heavier than a basic ski-area ski, as they are used more often in deep powder and ungroomed conditions; though, randonnée bindings can be mounted to most skis. All Mountain skis are a mid-width type of ski, such that the skier can handle well in both groomed and ungroomed/powder conditions--the latter not as well as with AT skis.

What is the difference between twin tip skis and regular skis?

if by regular skis you mean downhill skis, then longjump skis are similar, but they are nearly twice as long and twice as wide-- the greater surface area makes the ski jumper accelerate faster, thereby allowing him to travel farther off of the jump

Are there womens skis and mend skis?

yes there are different skis for men and women the difference is the radius

What are the average dimensions of downhill skis and how fast do they go?

The average length of downhill skis ranges from 150-200 cm, with width typically around 80-100 mm at the waist. Downhill skis can reach speeds of 50-60 mph (80-97 km/h) depending on the terrain and skill level of the skier.

Why would jack need low friction between his skis and the snow?

Jack would need low friction between his skis and the snow to minimize resistance and allow for smoother, faster gliding on the snow. Lower friction can help improve Jack's speed and performance when skiing downhill or on flat surfaces.

How is cross-country skiing different from down hill skiing?

Quite a bit is different. The gear is different, the skis are straight, as opposed to downhill skis being curved (the curve makes it easier to turn on a downhill slope), the boots in cross country are not stationary in the bindings, as downhill boots are, instead you can move the heels, and the poles used in cross country are longer. Also, the slopes are not nearly as steep as in downhill skiing.