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Badminton rackets are much smaller

the rackets are made to hit light objects like the shuttle cock.

These rackets do not have as much broad frame as one of tennis.

they are much cheaper.

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Q: What is the difference between a tennis racket and a badminton racket?
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What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

In which sports do players use a racket?

tennis and badminton

What is the difference between a badminton net and a tennis net?

A badminton net is higher

What are the basics of badminton?

like tennis, in badminton you hit a "ball" over a net with a racket. however for badminton you hit a "shuttlecock" which is the ball with feathers. the racket for badminton is also much lighter than a tennis racket mostly because the "ball" is lighter. badminton net is also higher, but not as high as a volleyball net

What is the difference between tennis and badminton?

Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

What is the difference between lawn tennis and badminton?

Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

How do you play badminton properly?

Playing badminton follows the same rules as tennis, except that instead of a tennis ball, you use a birdie (which moves much more slowly) and instead of a tennis racket you use a badminton racket (which is pretty much the same thing). You have to hit the birdie so that it goes over the net, but not out of bounds. Simple.

What is a different between a light tennis racket and a heavy tennis racket?

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

What three sports that uses a racquet?

The three sports that use a racket or racquet are: # Badminton # Table Tennis # Tennis

What is the difference between a table tennis racket and blade?

A table tennis racket comprises of both the blade and the rubbers which are attached to it. The blade is the wooden piece which includes the handle and the area where the rubbers are attached.

Why do yo have to move in badminton?

In order to smack the shuttlecock one must move. Badminton is like tennis on a harder ground. The way you use the racket is bit different from tennis, but it has the same idea.

How do you spell racket in a different way?

Racquet is another spelling for racket, when you are using it to refer to the implement used to strike the ball or shuttlecock in games like tennis or badminton.

What is the description of badminton?

It is a sport that involves 2-4 players, a shuttle cock, badminton racket and a court a bit like a tennis one but with a different kind of net.

What is the difference between tennis and bat tennis?

Not much really, except the bats are different. The paddle bat is a smaller solid bat whereas the normal tennis racket has strings and is bigger.

Is racket a noun?

Yes, the word 'racket' is a noun; a word for a loud, unpleasant noise; a type of bat with a round or oval frame used in tennis, badminton, and squash; a word for a thing.

Where is the best place to find a wide variety of badminton rackets?

Any sporting good store should have badminton rackets and depending on how dedicated you are feeling a regular old tennis racket works just fine. Finding a tennis racket from a friend or in your garage or from a second hand store is cheap and easy. However there are expensive version if price isn't a problem and you can get a custom Badminton racket. Determine what is best for your budget and interest and skill level and then choose appropriately.

What is a backhand shot in badminton?

Backhand shots in tennis and badminton are very similar. What you do to play a backhand shot is to bring the hand holding the racket across your body and play at the ball/shuttle from there.

Is badminton similar to tennis?

It is similar to tennis but in some case, it have the same representation level like throwing the shuttlecock or ball through racket. But both the games have different rules.

How many types of butterfly sports are there?

Butterfly sports are sports that require a bat or racket to be played. There are many types including table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis itself.

Why do you have to have a racket for tennis?

well unless you want to hit the tennis ball with your body you need a tennis racket

What sports can men and women play together?

They can play tennis together, badminton, squash, racketball. Pretty much all racket sports.

Which of the following is not a racquet sports volleyball table tennis squash or badminton?

all need rackets to play

What is the heart of a tennis racket?

tennis ball

What is the difference between a racket and a racquet?

The word Racquet has origin in the French word racqutte and distinquishes it from Racket in English to mean 'noise/din' .However the English option to use Racquet/racket as sports equipment(tennis/badmington etc) is accepted.

What is used to play tennis?

tennis racket and tennis ball