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The bigger stick is primarily used for defensive players and is 72in long(With head)

The smaller one is used for every other position and is 42in long.(With head)

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Q: What is the difference between a full size lacrosse stick and a mid size lacrosse stick?
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What is the advantage of using a lacroose stick?

The advantages of using a lacrosse stick are a full extended grip and a net to cradle the ball

How long does a full lacrosse stick have to be?

Attackmen and midfielders use sticks from 40-42 inches The max on a defensmen's stick is 72 inches, with a minimum of 60 (not positive on the minimum). Box lacrosse player can all use sticks from 40-46 inches, with the shorter ones being preferred by offensive players and the longer ones by defensive players.

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the only one i know is that lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet but i am looking for some too. The french called it "jeu de la crosse" lacrosse is a fast game, in which the players wear full American football pads, along with elbow guards, gloves, and a stick that is usually about 3 or 6 feet long.

What is the equipment needed in lacrosse?

In Lacrosse you use a stick, consisting of two parts, the head and the shaft. You also wear protective equipment such as a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves, and sometimes rib pads. Rib Pads are not required.In mens there is generally the shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, the cup, the helmet, and the stick which is either the short stick or the defensive pole.In womens the equipment is basically a stick the length of a mens short stick, optional gloves, and goggles.Both have to wear mouthguards because no one wants to lose teeth, or get a concussion. Both have goalies that wear chest pads and helmets with thigh pads. The shin guards are preferred but are mainly up to the goalie or the coach as well as any other pads.I'm not sure about mens lacrosse but for womens all you need is an approved stick, mouthguard, and eye protection goggles.Men use helmets, gloves, elbow/arm guards/protectors, chest pads, a stick (made up of the shaft and head), a cup, and optionaly rib guards (very useful for midis and attack because you get slap and poke checked a lot).Men's and women's lacrosse require different equipment, since the rules for the sport are different.Men's lacrosse equipment:Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoeAn athletic supporter and athletic cupChest and shoulder pads (optional)Arm guards (optional)Helmet with full face maskLacrosse stick with headLacrosse ballMouthguardWomen's lacrosse equipment:Lacrosse cleats or an athletic tennis shoeLacrosse gogglesLacrosse stick with headLacrosse ballMouthguardFor Men's Lacrosse: You need lacrosse gloves , arm guards, helmet, shoulder pads, and a lacrosse stickFor Women's Lacrosse:You need a lacrosse stick, goggles, a mouth guard. Gloves and cleats are optional

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What is the difference between box lacrosse heads and regular lacrosse heads?

: There are tons of differences. You can start with where you play, obviously, field or an arena. The defensemens sticks are different lengths(field lacrosse defenders have 6 foot long sticks, box defenders have normal sticks), the size of the nets and the goalies.6 by 6 feet in field, 4 by 4 in box. Size of the goalies,full padding in box with little room to shoot at, or field, where the only difference between the goalie and the players is the stick.The fact that there are offsides in field lacrosse, there are no offsides in box. etc. : I'm bored so im not going to list any more, but i could go on for pages on how they are different.

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