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The record for men's clean and jerk is 263.5 kilograms (581 lbs.), set by Iran's Hossein Rezazadeh.

For women, Tatiana Kashirina of Russia holds the record at 190 kilograms (418.9 lbs.)

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Q: What is the current record for the clean and jerk?
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World record clean and jerk?

The current world record for the clean and jerk in the men's division is 263 kg, set by Lasha Talakhadze from Georgia in 2021. In the women's division, the record is 186 kg, achieved by Li Wenwen from China in 2021.

What is the American record for the clean and jerk?

It is 237.5 kg or 523 pounds set by Shane Hammon.

What is the Olympic record for clean end jerk for 94 kg category men?

Szymon Kolecki (81, POL) 232kg

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Which are the two basic moves in competitive weight lifting?

Clean and jerk, and the Snatch, with the snatch contested first and the clean & jerk second.

Heaviest weight lifted by a athlete at the Olympic games?

The olympic record for clean and jerk in the super heavys(105+) was set in Athens by Hossein Rezazadeh at 262.5kg

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