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Q: What is the connection between the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals?
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When did the Arizona Cardinals leave St. Louis?

The Cardinals left St. Louis and moved to Arizona following the 1987 season.

What team did the Arizona Cardinals used to be?

they were the St. Louis Cardinals before moving to Arizona and they were the Chicago Cardinals before that.

Cardinals left St Louis when?

The Arizona Cardinals left St. Louis after the 1987 season.

When did cardinals move to Arizona?

In the Spring of 1988, the St. Louis Cardinals, moved to Arizona. The Cardinals are the longest standing NFL franchise. Ref:

What was the Arizona team called before the cardinals?

The team got the nickname Cardinals in the 1900 season. Prior to that, the Cardinals were known as the Perfectos and, before that, the Brown Stockings.

Which cities have the Arizona Cardinals been in?

Chicago and St. Louis before moving to Arizona.

Where did the cardinal move from?

The Arizona Cardinals originated in Chicago, moved to St. Louis and then to Arizona.

Why did the Arizona Cardinals come to Arizona?

they could not get a football only stadium in St. Louis

What city's team are Cardinals?

For football it is the Arizona cardinals, which is not a city. But if you you are talking about baseball that would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

What states do you see cardinals in?

Arizona...Missouri (hence why there are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals in their respective sports) It's the Illinois State Bird.

When did the Cardinals football team move to St. Louis?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest of the NFL teams, dating back to their origins in Chicago in 1898. They moved to St. Louis in 1960, and to Arizona in 1988.

Arizona Cardinals where known as who before they were Arizona Cardinals?

They were known as the Phoenix Cardinals before they changed their name to the Arizona Cardinals before the 1994 season.Before that, they were the St. Louis Cardinals (1960-1986) and the Chicago Cardinals (1898-1959).