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orange cap will be given to the highest run scorer in IPL. The color of their clothes remain the same irrespective of their highest run scorer

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Q: What is the colour of their clothes who has highest run scorer in IPL?
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Who is the highest six scorer in IPL?

Chris Gayle

Which team is the highest run scorer in 2010 ipl?


Highest run scorer in whole ipl?

Sachin Tendulkar

Highest run scorer in ipl 2008?

Brendon Mcculum-158

What is the highest runs scorer of ipl 2008?

Brendon Mcculum-158

Who holds the record of the highest scorer in one match of the IPL Cricket?

Till the 4th season of the IPL, Brendon McCullum holds the record of the highest score; 158 not out.

Highest run scorer in ipl?

Shaun Marsh, from Kings XI Punjab, with 616 runs.

Top 5 Highest run scorer in IPL 2010?


Who was the second highest scorer in IPL 2010?

The second highest scorer of the 2010 Indian Premier League was Jacques Kallis, who scored 572 runs in 494 balls in 16 innings, with a high score of 89 not out - coincidentally, the same highest score as the tournament's highest scorer, Sachin Tendulkar.

What colour cap does highest wicket taker in IPL wear?

orange cap

Who was Lowest scorer in IPL season 1?


Which team is top scorer in ipl 2009?


Who was the 1st ipl hundred scorer?

i think it was brendon mccullum

Who is the most run scorer in ipl 4?

Chris gayle

What is the highest total in IPL?

The highest total in IPL is 263 runs for 5 wickets.

Who is the most 6 scorer in this ipl 2009?

Adam Gilchrist - 29 sixes

Who is the highest wickettaker in the ipl?

Lasith Malinga

Which is the highest paid team in IPL?


What is the highest score of sachin in IPL?

100 not out

Who is the highest paid player of ipl 2009?

Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pieterson, MS Dhoni are the highest paid players if IPL 2009

What is highest score in 20 20 ipl?

263 by RCB against PWI in IPL 2013

Who scored highest runs in a match in IPL?


Who is the highest paid cricketer in ipl 2010?


What is Rahul dravid's highest score in the IPL?


Top ten highest run scorer in ipl?

The top 5 run scorers as of 12th April 2012 are:Suresh Raina - 1849Sachin Tendulkar - 1739Adam Gilchrist - 1603Jacques Kallis - 1556Rohit Sharma - 1542