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This question could have two different meanings a hockey goaltender or a soccer goaltender. Since the question deals with subbing in and hockey does not deal with subbing in I will guess you are talking about soccer. The chance of a different goaltender subbing in depends on different situations. In the professional level goaltenders rarely sub in. The few times they will sub in is when the team is winning by a few points to get the sub more on field experience. Also if the starting goaltender gets hurt or receives a red card. In high school and college level different goaltender subs are more common. They will be subbed in if the starting keeper does not preform well, to gain experience to become a better keeper, fill in for a injured keeper, or replace a carded goaltender. To put numbers with this in professional soccer a goaltender may sub in once every five to ten games. High school soccer a goaltender will sub in nearly every game or once every two or three games.

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Q: What is the chance a different goaltender will sub in?
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