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freezing the puck

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Q: What is it called when a goaltender immoblizes the puck?
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What is the safe zone behind the Goal net?

The goaltender trap zone or "the trapezoid" is where the goaltender can safely play the puck. The areas in the corners are called the "no play zone" an if the goaltender plays the puck there it will result in a penalty.

What term is stopping the puck in hockey?

If the goaltender stops the puck it's a "save", if he holds onto the puck to get the referee to stop play it's called "freezing the puck"

What is a puck stopper in ice hockey?

A puck stopper is another name for a goaltender in hockey.

Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

What is the name a hockey goal?

If you are talking about when you score a goal it's just called a goal If you are talking about the keeper who blocks the net it's called a goalie or a goaltender If you are talking about where you are supposed to put the puck/shoot/defend it's called a net

What is the ruling when a puck is deliberately kicked at a goaltender in the NHL?

A goal that is scored by a distinctive kicking motion by the offensive team is disallowed. I don't think there's any other problems with kicking at the puck.

What note is the sound of a hockey puck makes when it hits the goal post?

A sharp ding or ringing noise. They say it is music to a goaltender's ears.

Can you check the goalie in the two lines behid the net in hockey?

The two lines behind the net are not in regards to body contact, they are in regards to the goaltender playing the puck. If the puck is between those two lines, the goaltender is allowed to play the puck with his stick (i.e. stop the puck, pass it to a team mate, etc). The goaltender cannot play the outside of that area BEHIND the goal line. The goaltender is allowed to play the puck anywhere in front of the goal line. Here's the description from Wikipedia ... New in the 2005-06 season, after testing in the American Hockey League, is a trapezoid behind each goalie net. The goalie can only play the puck within that area or in front of the goal line. If he plays the puck behind the goal line and not in the trapezoid, a 2 minute minor penalty for delay of game will be assessed by the referees. This rule is widely referred to as the "Brodeur rule," after New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, whose puckhandling behind the net is believed to be the cause for the rule.[1][2] (

When the puck in hockey what is that called?

this makes no sense!!!! If you mean when the puck is in motion on the ice, it called the " puck in play " .

Who was the first NHL goalie to score?

Ron Hextall of the Flyers in 1987 was the first goaltender to shoot the puck into the net for a goal. However, the first goal awarded to a goaltender was given to Bill Smith of the Islanders in 1979. He was the last player to touch the puck for the Islanders before the other team (Colorado Rockies) shot the puck into their own net. Hextall was also the first goalie to score a goal in a playoff game, that being in 1989 against the Washington Capitals.

What are the events in ice hockey?

it's a game where a certain team takes the puck and shoots it into a 4x6 net which a goaltender has to defend (the team that has the most wins, there can be overtime or shootout)

What is a puck in ice hockey?

the small rubber disk is called a puck.

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