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they lead the team to victory

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Q: What is the captain's role in soccer?
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How many captains are on a soccer team?


What part of the soccer team participates in the coin flip?

The two captains do the toss with the referee.

Who was the captain for the university of akron soccer team in 1986?

Captains - Derek Gaffney and Pat Nash

Who have been the captains of England soccer team?

steven gerrad is the captain of england so far

Who are the role models in soccer?

All the footballers are role models in football.

Why do soccer players wear black tape on their upper arm not a captains arm band?

they wear it when somebody past away.

How do you do the coin flip if you are the referee for the captains in soccer?

They do not flip a coin it depends if you are home or away. Away gets ball first.

What is the role of each position on the soccer field?

how many people can be on the field in soccer at one time

What The role of a midfielder in soccer?

To help on defence and offense.

Rules for a rep U12 can goalies be captains soccer wise?

Yes the goalie can be a captin and yes it is soccer wis e because he is the player can see the whole feild and make ther right decision

What has the author Sue Stops written?

Sue Stops has written: 'Dulcie Dando, soccer star' -- subject(s): Fiction, Sex role, Soccer 'Dulcie Dando' -- subject(s): Fiction, Sex role, Soccer

What are the role of the attacker in soccer?

Score goals.

Do the NBA have captains?

NBA teams have captains.

What soccer team does Barry Ferguson play for?

He currently plays for and captains both, Scottish Premier League club Rangers and the Scotland national team.

What is then possessive noun for captains of the ships?

Single (just one captain) - The captain's table. Plural (many captains) - The captains' table. or The captains' tables.

When was Captains Courageous?

Captains Courageous was created in 1897.

What is the role of the players in soccer?

to play their positions and be aggresive and to spread out and COMMUNICATE...

What role did North America play in the English conception of colonization?


Who were the captains of barcalona fc?

Some captains were Zubi Zareta.

What different types of sports leaders are there?

There are captains and assistant captains.

Are there captains in the football teams?

Yes there are captains in the football team.

When was The Two Captains created?

The Two Captains was created in 1944.

When was Captains Courageous created?

Captains Courageous was created in 1897.

How many captains on an NFL team?

6 players can be named captain. I think you can have up to 2 Offensive Captains,2 Defensive Captains,and 2 Special Team Captains.......

What a forwards do in soccer?

the main role as a forward,attacker or striker is to score goals