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I think it would probably be a gymnastics trampoline or an olympic trampoline but I don't know where to buy them

Rectangular trampolines offer a fantastic, responsive bounce, ideal for experienced bouncers.

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Q: What is the bounciest trampoline?
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How high has the worlds bounciest ball bounced?

the bounciest ball in the world has bounced 3,265 feet and 9 inches.

What is the worlds bounciest ball?

pink ones from tesco

what is the most bouncy thing?

a sky ball is the bounciest thing

Does a kangoeroe on a trampoline jump higher than a kangoeroe on a trampoline which stands on a trampoline?

I guess not, the trampoline on the trampoline doesnt have any grip on the ground so the kangaroo doesnt have a grip

What materials is the bounciest?

Probably the "bounciest" material--bounciness also referred to as the coefficient of restitution--is claimed to be, by the toy company Wham-O, is Zectron, a synthetic material which includes polybutadiene, hydrated silica, zinc oxide, and stearic acid.

What is Dutch for trampoline?

canvas is dutch for trampoline

Where can Bazoongi brand trampoline parts be purchased?

Bazongi brand trampoline parts can be purchased from several online sites. Among them are Trampoline USA, Trampoline Parts and Supply, and Trampoline Parts Center.

What is a trampoline bed?

A trampoline bed or trampoline mat as it also reffered to as is the canvas sheet that you bounce on. The trampoline bed is attached to the springs to create bounce. You can purchase replacement trampoline beds to restore the performance and safety of your trampoline if it becomes worn or damaged.

Which is better a Band trampoline or a Spring trampoline We are getting on for our children for Christmas they are 4yrs old 5yrs old and 13yrs old Is one better than the other for younger children?

springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net

How do you say they broken trampoline in Punjabi?

unnone trampoline tod diti is how u say it in punjabi.

What is the bounciest ball?

a bouncy ball its a bouncy ball called a superball

What are the safety rules for the sport trampoline?

One person on the trampoline at a time One person on the trampoline at a time

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