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The best way to string your stick to be the best midfielder stick on your team is to string your top and sidewalls like how you rwould normally. Then just put one U 6 diamonds so its in the center , and put 2 straight but put the top straight as a nylon for whip. hope this helps good luck out there.

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2012-05-09 12:09:16
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Q: What is the best way to string a midfield lacrosse pocket?
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How do you string women's lacrosse strings?

There really isn't any specific way to string a women's lacrosse head. There are multiple stringing patterns which are to provide each player with a pocket that works best for them and their position.

What is the best way to string a lacrosse net?

probably one string with a up-side down U or V shape for the pocket and a few straight ones up top for whip in your shot.

What is the best type of lacrosse arm pads?

depends on what position. great elbow pads are Brine lopros. perfect for defense and midfield

What is a good lacrosse head for attack?

i hear the brine clutch is very good for attack and midfield and it is very reasonably priced. get the first clutch though its the best

What is the best way to put shooting strings in a lacrosse stick?

3 string straight across

What is the best lacrosse pocket for a shooter moderate passer with a quick release?

You will want a high pocket with three or four shooter strings at the very top.

Who is the best midfield in the world?

Adam kay

Is defensive midfield a good position?

If your talking about soccer , yes. Any type of position in midfield or forward is good. Usually the "center" midfield is the best and the forwards ("stikers") are good too.

What is the best formation on ea sports fifa superstars?

I think its more based on your team - so if u have a strong midfield team with lots of good midfield players a midfield dominant formation would be best, or the same with defence or strikers :)

What are the best lacrosse gloves?

the best lacrosse gloves are the mac daddies

How do you throw with a lacrosse goalie stick?

Throwing with a goalie stick should be done in an overhand motion. The release point would be just past the shoulder at 11 o'clock. The difficulty comes in when the stick is strung incorrectly. This is the case with most off the shelf sticks. You want a stringing done so that you have a deep pocket (to catch) and a tight top (to throw). The best way to string is for all the sidewall being taught and when you get to the bottom string locate that string through 2-4 diamonds below where the last sidewall string went through. This allows for a deep pocket down low and slowly rises to a taught mesh towards the top, allowing the ball to roll from the pocket to the shooting strings with ease. Lastly the shooting strings. If you feel the ball bump off the last shooting string then it is too close to the pocket side, move it up a diamond, or remove it all together. I find two shooting strings works best and I do not bother with that 3rd U or V string. With a well done string job it is not needed.

Where can you get the best deals on lacrosse shafts?

Storm lacrosse in utah

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