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probably one string with a up-side down U or V shape for the pocket and a few straight ones up top for whip in your shot.

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Q: What is the best way to string a lacrosse net?
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What is the best way to put shooting strings in a lacrosse stick?

3 string straight across

How do you string women's lacrosse strings?

There really isn't any specific way to string a women's lacrosse head. There are multiple stringing patterns which are to provide each player with a pocket that works best for them and their position.

What is the best way to string a midfield lacrosse pocket?

The best way to string your stick to be the best midfielder stick on your team is to string your top and sidewalls like how you rwould normally. Then just put one U 6 diamonds so its in the center , and put 2 straight but put the top straight as a nylon for whip. hope this helps good luck out there.

Where can you get silly string?

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How can you get rid of the hook in your lacrosse stick?

I would say the best way to make it not hook would be to string it so that the top half or third is tight (so string in every hole). next string the back half or so as loose as you want it (but make it deeper gradualy not all at once). if that does not work take it in to a proffecional and ask them to do it.

What is the correct way to tie the net to the post?

On top of the post there should be notches about the same width as the string that is left over either side of the net. Place the string in this notch and feed it down the side of the post where there will be somewhere to wrap the left over string around. If you do this both sides, then the net will be erected and will stasy in place.

What is the best way to get good at catching with both hands in lacrosse?

Play wall ball. Go on youtube and search lacrosse wall ball routine for the best wall ball workouts.

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What is the best way to repair a broken lacrosse head?

Hot glue it first, after that tape it up

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How do you play girls lacrosse?

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