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Play wall ball. Go on YouTube and search Lacrosse wall ball routine for the best wall ball workouts.

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Q: What is the best way to get good at catching with both hands in lacrosse?
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What position do you play in women's lacrosse if you are better at catching than throwing?

You have to be really good at both to play any position, otherwise you can play bench.

How does lacrosse checking work?

there are two types of checking: body check and stick check with stick checking you can hit your opponent as hard as you like but your hands have to be together on the shaft with body checking you can ram into anybody as hard as you like but both of your hands have to be on your lacrosse shaft

What sport is better between soccer and lacrosse?

They are both good altheltic sports it all depends on what you like. Soccer really just depends on your athletic ability. Lacrosse takes it to the next skill level with sticks, cradling, checking, passing and catching.

What are the best lacrosse gloves under 120?

you can go on and get K18s or Bring Kings for about 100. Both awesome gloves.

How do you say i like both lacrosse and football in spanish?

Me gustan 'lacrosse' asi como futbol

Is there a glove that can be used for both catching and first base?

There is not a glove that would do an amazing job at both. If you only want to buy one glove though, get one for catching because it is much more specialized. Your best bet is to buy two.

Why do clocks tick?

In spring wound clocks, the ticking is the sound of a ratchet alternately catching and releasing a gear that both unwinds the spring and causes the hands to move.Hope this helps.

What is the best brand of girls lacrosse sticks to use while playing defence?

I play both attack and defense and I have found that the best stick to use in general is a harrow stick. I have the tapered shaft. In my opinion, it is the best for both attack and defense.

Is it possible to be both ambidextrous and mixed handed?

I do Catching and throwing with both my hands my right hand is more powerful and my left hand is more precision. I write with only my left hand I kick with only my right foot I can't write with my right hand but I can also brush my hair with both my hands so is it possible to be both ambidextrous and make sanded?

How are basketball and baseball similar?

They both have balls It's a sport It involves sweating Tiring You use your hands (catching for baseball, dribbling for basketball) other than that they are not very similar

What does a middle do in lacrosse?

A middie in lacrosse plays both sides of the field, they can go on both sides , they play offence when their team was the ball and defense when the other team has the ball

Which is the best blue tooth hands-free?

The GoJo Hands Free headset is the only true hands free. It offers both hands free, instantly in one second, no tangled wires, no programing/pairing, no charging... and at only ten bucks. GOJO is hands down the best.

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