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you can go on and get K18s or Bring Kings for about 100. Both awesome gloves.

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Q: What are the best lacrosse gloves under 120?
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What are the best lacrosse gloves for under120?

I'm not positive, but I'm sure Academy has some good lacrosse gloves for under $120. -Present321

What is the best quality brand of lacrosse gear?

The best for just about everything are Maverik, STX, Warrior, and Brine. I personally thing that the best heads are Brine and STX. Gloves go with anything above $120. For shafts Warrior and Brine make some pretty sick shafts

What is the size of field of lacrosse?

120 long 60 yards across.

What is the size of a lacrosse field?

120 long 60 yards across.

How much are gloves from lululemon?

well i got mine for about $120

What are the field dimensions of lacrosse?


How far away are the goals in lacrosse?

The game Lacrosse originated with Indians, they set the goals miles apart. when Americans recreated the game Lacrosse, they made new rules and made the goals 120 feet apart.

Where is the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum in Lacrosse Kansas located?

The address of the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is: 120 West 1St, Lacrosse, KS 67548-0716

How many division 1 ncaa colleges are there?

120 in football, 330+ in basketball, 61 in lacrosse, it really depends on the sport

How much does a custom cascade lacrosse helmet cost?

it depends where you get it: you can probably get it from $115 to $140 i got one on for about $120

How much is a lacrosse stick head?

It can very on price depending on the brand and what not, i would say about $65-$120 for a very good head

How much do lacrosse balls cost?

2-3 bucks but the more you get the better deal you get. 120 balls for $138 right now on

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